Last night Lion said he wonders what our readers think of us. I’ve been wondering if we give enough clues that someone could figure out who we are. In other words, if someone who knows us read our blog, would they know it was us. It’s not like I tell everyone my hair is green (Lion would kill me) and that Lion drives a Porsche (he wishes) so if you see a green-haired woman in a Porsche you’d know it’s us.

The point is that no one knows what we do in the bedroom or our personal dungeon. No one knows that we write this blog. We could be your neighbors. We could be your aunt and uncle. Unless your neighbors or your aunt and uncle have shared these things with you, you really have no idea what goes in on their private lives. Personally, I like that anonymity. I don’t think I could get up in front of a group of people and share any of this. Many people can. I’ve been to conventions with classes and presentations. People give classes about spanking and water sports like they’re talking about baking a cake. Of course, I would be just as uncomfortable talking about baking a cake in front of people.

As women often do (men do it too so don’t feel superior) my coworkers and I complain about our significant others. If the dishes didn’t make it into the dishwasher after his midnight snack or he left his shoes in the middle of the living room rather than putting them in the closet. Inevitably one will say she doesn’t have these problems because she trained her husband well. I’m sure most of us assume she means she just, over time, nagged him into doing what she wanted him to do. I don’t think any of us expect her to say that she spanked him until he figured out that the dirty dishes belong in the dishwasher. She may very well have withheld sex, but not from a chastity point of view. She was just mad at him and telling him “no” a few nights in a row let him see the error of leaving his shoes in the living room. Of course, she could very well have spanked him. Just as I wouldn’t share that I spank Lion because he drops food, I’m sure she wouldn’t share if she spanked her husband. It’s just not something you share unless you’re sure you’re in a safe environment.

I suppose Lion took a big chance when he told me about his kinks. I could have said goodbye and have a nice life. I never would have guessed by looking at him, that he was such a pervert. He’s everything my mother warned me about. And more. And I’m glad I stuck around.

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    Very well written! Thank you for sharing this.

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