Pegged And Edged

Tuesday night Mrs. Lion decided to continue my anal education. It’s been a while and I am out of practice.  Before I went into the shower she placed the Boy Butter and a chrome butt plug and my “mini me” clone of my not-fully-engorged penis on the bed. She waited until after I took my shower and when I got out asked me which toy I wanted inside me. I asked her to make the decision and lay flat on my stomach. Soon I felt her fingers getting lube around and into my anus. This was followed by an object. At first I thought it was the plug; uncomfortable at first, then it felt good as it went deeper. This wasn’t right. A plug gets more uncomfortable since it’s width grows until it gets to the “shoulder” and suddenly narrows down. I don’t like the feeling when it suddenly narrows. This was different. It just felt good. I asked what was inside me and Mrs. Lion said it was my mini me.

I liked how it felt. Being fucked by my own penis actually felt good! In the past, partners had told me that my penis was perfect for anal sex. I figured it was because I’m not that big. Now I discovered that they were right. I like how it feels. She gently pegged me for a bit and when it started getting uncomfortable, I asked her to stop. This is the first time in ages I really enjoyed something up my ass. I want Mrs. Lion to do it again soon.

After the pegging, we relaxed and watched TV. When we were close to bedtime, Mrs. Lion mentioned that she had my key out on her nightstand. I suggested it was an awful waste not to use it. She smiled and unlocked me. I had already accepted that the anal attention was the end of this play session, so it was a real surprise that there would be more. Mrs. Lion sat next to me on the bed and proceeded to masturbate me. She brought me to the edge twice. What a treat!

As I was starting to fall asleep I realized that I was no longer just comfortable in my cage. I was horny again. Mrs. Lion awoke the sleeping beast. Of course she knew that. It was her intention. Wednesday morning when I added my daily lion tracker status, I wasn’t sure what horny level to put down. I spent most of Tuesday at level 2: not particularly interested in sex, but then Tuesday night Mrs. Lion recharged my sexual battery. I finally decided it was more correct to show the end-of-day status, so I entered “4”.

Speaking of the LionTracker, Mrs. Lion has faithfully recorded every event in our chastity adventure. We started it only a few days ago, but already it is a helpful recording of what we have done and when we did it. Through it and this blog, you are sharing in every event in our sex lives.

It seems to me that both of us are having a lot more sex than we did before I was locked up. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion has had more orgasms in the last nine months than she did in the last five years. She didn’t agree when I suggested it. I think I need to add this activity to our LionTracker so we can have real data to look at later.

One of the lessons I am learning is that it is up to Mrs. Lion to decide how much sex she wants. It is my pleasure to provide it whenever she lets me. I want her to know that my happiness in chastity isn’t tied to the quantity of orgasms I give her. It’s just a super treat whenever she lets me give her some.