locking a man in chastity
The Angelfire pre-2001 chastity article inspired me to want enforced chastity.

I took a trip down memory lane and went back to reread some of the material that turned me on in the very beginning.  The very first enforced chastity information I found was a post on Angelfire.com that provided a “guide” to male chastity. The Wayback Machine has an archived copy of the page. You can find it here. Reading it provided me with many intense fantasies and masturbation sessions. Unlike a lot of hot chastity writing on the Net, this guide is surprisingly accurate. It was written before 2001 when this cache was saved.

What interested me most at the time was the instruction to provide weekly release and to postpone the session if the male’s behavior wasn’t satisfactory. That was what gave me the idea to ask Mrs. Lion for scheduled orgasm dates. The idea is still hot to me, but it doesn’t work well for Mrs. Lion. Her style is more ad hoc about when I get to come. She also prefers domestic discipline to delaying release as a way to punish me.

My interest in domestic discipline goes back to the early 90’s. I had joined several news groups on the Internet. They were the ancestor of the modern forums. I won’t go into detail, but I contributed to some on a regular basis. A woman on one forum discussed her use of spanking as a way to help her husband become more  responsible. She was practicing domestic discipline to help him overcome his very irresponsible lifestyle. She wrote a self-published book about this. I bought it and read it with great interest.

I was turned on by the control she wielded over her husband. Many fantasies featured me in his position. At the same time I was a practicing top and very active in the leather community. At the time, I put it off as Yin/Yang; balancing my dominant life with submissive fantasies. The seeds of domestic discipline were sown and started to germinate.

The seedlings appeared early in 2015 when I came across an article that was allegedly written in the 90’s and then revived from the original web site. After some research, I learned that the website with the article that claimed to have revived it from the original “Disciplinary Wives Club”, actually stole the material from the author. However, the founder, “Aunt Kay,” has returned along with her original writing. She has tried to get the WordPress.com blog that has her original site name to take down her materials. She claims they ignore her.

Anyway, the article “Tips and Methods”  is now on Aunt Kay’s site, “The Disciplinary Wives Club.” Reading it really turned me on. Like the chastity post on Angelfire, this article seemed very reasonable to me. It offered advice on how to administer domestic discipline. If Mrs. Lion reads it, I could be in trouble. It’s detailed spanking instructions appear very sound and, if a bit extreme, completely achievable. Embarrassingly, reading it still turns me on.

When Mrs. Lion read it, she didn’t seem inspired. I wonder if my next spanking will use some of Aunt Kay’s techniques. I’ll find out soon enough. As of this morning, I have two offenses on Mrs. Lion’s naughty list. [Mrs. Lion – I’m happy with my own technique so far.]