Domestic Discipline Spanking

spanked butt
The result of a recent spanking. The technique in this post may darken the shade considerably.

Spanking is finding a place in our lives. I don’t mean the sort of spankings that come in a BDSM scene, but the punishment kind that hurts from beginning to end. It isn’t an easy process.

Adopting a domestic discipline relationship involves changes that the disciplining wife must make. Mrs. Lion and I agreed to do this about a year ago. The first, and perhaps most difficult adjustment is becoming comfortable with authority. Making rules is the easy part. The bigger challenge is consistently observing my behavior. When an infraction is observed, it must always result in punishment.

Mrs. Lion is beginning to enjoy finding infractions. She is clearly working on consistently observing me. I have an obligation to assist her and work to ask her permission before taking action. I think that by asking consistently, I am helping her develop her disciplinary framework. I’m also learning that I get a deep sense of security and emotional warmth when she lets me know she is in charge and she is watching me. I believe a disciplined husband should expect no privacy.

The area that is challenging us both is punishment. Mrs. Lion has decided that spanking is her punishment of choice. This is consistent with what others say they do. I haven’t been particularly good about being spanked. I’ve felt guilty that my squirming and complaining have prevented Mrs. Lion from administering what she feels I deserve. I’ve tried to hold still and keep quiet, but I just can’t.

That’s why when I reread Aunt Kay’s “Tips and Methods” I was very impressed. She gives instructions on how to perform a disciplinary spanking that seems to take into account the sort of problems I have when being spanked. You can read the full article by clicking here. Here’s the method she suggests (breaks are inserted for clarity):

Once he is across your knee, give him a few moments to get used to the fact that he is about to be spanked.

Begin by giving a couple of hard smacks, then stop. The initial sting will be quite a shock to his system. If you were to keep on, he would struggle so much out of reflex action it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hold him in place. This pause after the first few whacks will give him a chance to mentally gear himself for the ordeal to come.

Give him a few more hard smacks and pause again. He will have started to squirm, but the smacks will have been given before any serious movement takes place.

His body will be very tense as he awaits the next round of spanks. Wait for him to relax, and tell him to do so. Then resume the spanking.

These instructions make a lot of sense to me. They take into account the problems we have been having with spankings. The pauses and the signals my body make, helps pace the spanking so that it can continue until it achieves its result. What is that result? Aunt Kay provides that as well.

A dose of corporal punishment should have a dual effect. It should be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards.

There is no question that welts will be raised and bottoms bruised, but chastisement should never leave permanent marks.

What particularly impressed me is that the spanking described is designed to assure that it can be completed. It would allow me to process the experience and allow me to recover and prepare for the next set of swats. I think that the point is the spanking should be painful, but not such a shock that I can’t keep myself relatively still. Pauses won’t make it hurt less. I’m sure of that.

Aunt Kay believes that spankings should be over the knee, or at least over the lap. I’m not sure why this position is important. We have never attempted it. I lie on my stomach on the bed. Mrs. Lion is standing beside me. She uses a variety of implements.

Mrs. Lion varies the number and intensity of the swats based on the seriousness of the offense. That makes sense up to a point. It seems to me that anything that earns a spanking should earn one sufficiently severe to, as Aunt Kay says, “…be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards.”

I think that both giving and receiving domestic discipline spankings as described above, will be very difficult for us. Mrs. Lion’s spankings have grown more severe over time. I think that my squirming and growling have slowed her progress. Maybe Aunt Kay’s methods will help me submit.





  1. Author

    When I am in for a punishment , I have to prepare the room by moving the heavy armchair into the middle then dressing in shirts and t-shirt then I am secured across the chair with my bottom presented high in the air and me on my tip toes. She will leave me in this position with her chosen instrument of torture clearly in my line of vision. The longest she has left me is just short of an hour then I hear her heels on the stairs and she simply pulls my shorts down and will deliver 15 to 20 hard strokes before she starts to lecture and berate me about my indiscretion each point being re-enforced with stinging blows.

  2. Author

    I have a life long spanking interest, which I’ve indulged to varying degrees with partners and much more with professionals.

    Still, I read blog post after blog post, and have even submitted to a real punishment spanking from a professional disciplinarian so I could try to understand what DD is all about. I still have a hard time really getting the “why” behind subjecting yourself to such misery.

    I’ve always found that DWC description to be pretty ugly, not only what you quoted (“There is no question that welts will be raised and bottoms bruised”) but especially this: “Don’t pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop. Allow him to squirm within limits. If it gets out of hand, give him a smack or two on the back of his thighs. If you give a spanking the way it should be given, the results should still show a week later. He should wince every time he tries to sit for days after.”

    That seems gratuitously brutal and nasty. It suggests there are few limits to what the wife will do. Many of the posts I see from wives who do this (not your wife) are pretty mean-spirited about the whole thing and pretty cavalier about the distress inflicted on the husband.

    For some reason, I really want to wrap my head around this, but can’t. If I were subjected to what you are subjected to, the last thing I would want to do is “snuggle” or “edge” or anything with my wife. I’d just do what I could to avoid her. All I can come up with is that the emotional “security” or some other feeling this brings up far outweighs the physical trauma.

    Is there ever any post-spanking debrief about what was done and how it affected you? If so, does it lead to any adjustments in how it’s handled?

    Anyway, I continue to read your posts on the subject with great interest. You have far more insight about what you do and why than most.

    1. Author

      You raise some important points. Because Mrs.Lion loves me, I am sure that she will never go to the extremes that the SWC article advocates.

      I have been bruised and have had welts raised during a BDSM play scene. That is not a sign of abuse.

      Mrs. Lion isn’t going to make me suffer horribly. The DWC technique, to me at least, provides a way to help me keep still enough to accept punishment.

      Yes, I hate being spanked (isn’t that the point?). But I like the way I learn obedience and the way Mrs Lion grows in her role.

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