Chastity Security Blanket

thumb fits under chastity device base ring
You can see how I can get my thumb between my base ring and my body. Click the image for a clear view.

(Thursday, September 25, 2014) It’s been about five days since I cashed in my orgasm reward and there is another six days until my scheduled release on September 30. At this moment I am not feeling terribly horny. However, since tonight is a tease (or other activity) night, I may be singing a different song tomorrow.

There are times that wearing a cage is just a pain. This morning I went to pee at work and since there was another man at the urinal next to mine, I didn’t get to check to make sure I was correctly aligned inside my cage. Lately, I have been very well centered in the opening. I wasn’t this morning and ended up spraying my pants and the floor. I really hate moments like this. This hasn’t happened in several months and I thought I was over this problem after I got the shorter cage. I should be grateful I didn’t eat asparagus recently.

I’ve noticed during showers that my base ring isn’t as tight as it should be. The rule of thumb is that if you can insert more than one finger to the first joint between the base ring and your body, the base ring is too large. I can get more than that between my ring and body. The thing is that my current ring is not so big a ball can escape and I have never tried to pull my penis out from behind the ring. Even so, I have been obsessing over this ring size question for a while now.

The reason I decided to write about it is that this question about ring size is really an indirect question about chastity device security. I know I will never try to pull out. I’m in this because I asked for it (like every other caged male), so why would I try to escape?

The more I think about this, the more certain I am that my reason for desiring a cage and one that I can’t escape is that I like the helpless feeling I get from knowing I am stuck. I feel the same way about those cheap, velcro restraints. If I can untie myself, I can’t consider myself tied up. Don’t worry Mrs. Lion, the restraints you gave me on Valentine’s day are not escapable. I tried when you used them on me.

I know that every chastity device that depends on a cock and ball ring is escapable. Even a device with anti-pullout pins and a very tight base ring can be escaped with enough lube and effort. The fact that I know this makes my concern with my base ring even sillier. I do know that a smaller base ring would make pullout more difficult but not impossible. Since I have no desire to escape, why should I care if my device is a little bit less secure than it could be? I shouldn’t. It’s irrational to want to make that change. As Mrs. Lion has pointed out many times here, I am not the most rational critter in the jungle.

In a more general sense, a lot of males seek to get “secure” chastity devices. As soon as they discover there is a vulnerability, they go into action and try to plug the hole. There is a problem with this approach. The main one, aside from cost, is that the more secure the device, the less comfortable it will be. I think I can tolerate a base ring 1/8″ smaller than the one I have. But there is a good chance that the smaller ring will also chafe a bit and make full-time wearing less comfortable.

This is where I need to be a grown-up and not the toddler Mrs. Lion writes about. As long as my balls can’t escape on their own, I should be fine with my current ring. I have no discomfort and can’t get hard or otherwise get sexual pleasure while locked up. Even in my most desperate moments I have had no desire to escape and sneak a wank. So, Mrs.Lion, please note that your Lion is acting like an adult and is not going to order a smaller ring. I do want to get a smaller one, just because, but I won’t — at least for now.

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