Switching Gears

smiling lioness
Lion is going to put a smile on my face as well as his.

In the spirit of being less selfish, and as my libido returns, I’ve decided that Lion needs to pleasure me more. That may seem backwards. How can it be less selfish of me to ask for more pleasure for myself?

Part of being a caged male is pleasing your keyholder. Lion has been waiting a long time for me to ask for that. And I’m wired to please him. So it’s difficult for me to allow him to give me attention without reciprocating.

A few weeks ago Lion was giving me oral sex. I was surprised at how turned on he was. His cock was rock hard. I have to decide if I want him caged while he eats me. On the one hand he will be straining against the cage as he gets hard. On the other hand, if he is free and hard I can climb on top for a ride. Obviously I’ll have to try multiple times to see which I like. I’m sure Lion won’t mind.

Something that seemed too cruel to me in the past is to use dildos. Not on Lion. I’ve done that a lot. I mean for him to use them on me. The reason it seems cruel is that it’s as if I’m telling him I don’t want his cock. I’d rather have a piece of rubber. That could be a  big psychological blow to a man. I have a few reasons for using the dildos. First, as Lion ages, it is more difficult for him to maintain an erection without manual or medicinal help. A dildo never goes limp. Second, it’s possible that he won’t be able to control an orgasm before I’m done with him. A dildo never comes first. And third, I may get my fantasy of having two guys at once, even if at least one is a dildo. Ok. That part is a little selfish.

At any rate, I think Lion’s dance card is about to be full. I hope he’ll be a happy Lion. I’ll certainly still be using my edging skills on him, but it’s time for him to get a different sort of exercise now. I bet I’ll be a happy Mrs. Lion too.