lion carrying lioness tail
I’ll do anything Mrs. Lion wants if it pleases her. Now that she is starting to realize that, my assignments may get more interesting.

(Saturday, May 24 2014) If you’ve been following our lives, you know that Mrs. Lion is about to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Her post on Saturday afternoon informed us all that she plans to have me use a dildo to please her. That’s really new for us. She worried that I would feel she prefers a rubber cock to mine. She actually might. It never gets soft and it’s bigger than mine. Am I about to be replaced by a piece of silicone? I don’t think so. I am counting on the fact that she really loves to ride me. I guess if I have a strap-on harness on, she can do that with a dildo too. Interesting. We have a fairly large collection of dildos which at one time or another ended up my ass. I wonder if she has selected one of them for her entertainment. I wonder if while she is in the wonderful world of rubber she will reciprocate and use one in me.

In the years we have been together I haven’t known Mrs. Lion to use any toys. I think we are seeing the start of some big changes. I know she is concerned about what I want or expect, but the fact is that I am happy with orgasms whenever she wants me to have them. I am also happy to please her with toys, my tongue, fingers, cock, or anything else she wants. I don’t feel deprived. What I have wanted from the start was for her to take sexual control of our relationship.

This began when I started wearing the shock collar. She gives me a jolt now and then for fun. Today for the first time she gave me one in the supermarket for dropping an ear of corn. I think that was her first behavioral correction. I hope there will be many more as her confidence grows. I think she is internalizing our chastity activities. They started as an effort on her part to please me. She certainly has! Now, I think she is planning to go to the next level and use my confinement and submission to provide pleasure for herself.

In prior posts she worries about being selfish. We have talked about this. It really isn’t a matter of selfish or unselfish; not with what we are doing now. What she may consider selfish is actually exactly what I want and need. I want her to take the pleasure she wants from me. That, in her terms, is unselfish. It pleases me no end. I absolutely want her to give me wonderful orgasms when she feels I should have them. I will never feel badly about coming. Well almost never. It was getting a bit difficult for me being masturbated daily. On one level I enjoyed it, but because it was something she just started and kept going till I ejaculated, I didn’t get the chance to get fully aroused. As I age, I need more foreplay. I’m happy she noticed how excited I got when I ate her. I love doing that!

We had another interesting discussion today. She wondered out loud about whether I need to be out of my cage when I please her orally or with a toy. She worried that it would hurt me to get so aroused inside my little chastity cage. Like most males in chastity devices, getting aroused isn’t painful at all. I just fill my cage to overflowing. It feels nice. I do get temporary dents in the head of my penis from the bars, but they don’t hurt and go away next chance it gets to stretch. Of course if she wants to have me turn over and ride me, then being uncaged will facilitate that nicely. In her post, Mrs. Lion mentioned that one risk of letting my penis please her was that I might have an unauthorized orgasm. That’s always a risk, but with training that risk is reduced. Also, since we have all that nice silicone and my tongue, there is no chance she won’t get lots of chances to come over and over. I love that!

One area that seems to be difficult for Mrs. Lion and for other new keyholders is the idea of correction and male training. One reason I love the shock collar is that it offers an easy and effective way to change my behavior. The challenge for Mrs. Lion is to figure out what she wants to change. It isn’t that I’m perfect. I’m far from it. It’s just difficult to come up with things you want to condition your man to do or not do. If, for example, you don’t like him touching himself (most of us do that a lot unconsciously), then a jolt every time he does it will quickly train that behavior out of him. It’s not easy to come up with things like that. Too bad. However, Mrs. Lion has been growing into all this very rapidly and thoughtfully. I’m delighted by that and I am happy to wait to see what her next revelation will be. Don’t quote me if I whine about it!