cliff edge
Successful tease and deny takes me to the point where I am sure I will go over the cliff and ejaculate, but I’m stopped just before I fall.

(Wednesday May 21, 2014) Recently, Mrs. Lion has been doing extremely effective tease and deny with me. She unlocks me and has me remove my cock and ball ring. Then she begins a great handjob. She stimulates me, moving faster and faster. At the exact moment I feel ready to ejaculate, she stops. In the past she has done this but stopped a few seconds before the point of no return. Now, she takes me right up to the point of ejaculation. When she stops, it feels like a door is slamming. I expect to see semen and experience yet another ruined orgasm, but no, nothing comes out. She waits a minute or so and begins again. She doesn’t let me start to get soft, she just lets me come down from my near miss. Lately, she has repeated this at least three times before either locking me up again or pushing me over the edge for a full orgasm.

When she locks me up after teasing, I feel some resentment. I never experienced that before. I think the reason for this is that in the past she got me excited, but never brought me to the point that I just had to come. Even though I know that when she begins using her hand again I probably won’t get to come, when she gets me highly excited again, I just need to come and when I don’t, I take a deep breath and grit my teeth. After a few of these, my need grows stronger and stronger. When finally, she just lets me get soft and locks me up, I feel cheated.

That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s very good. In the past when I was just sorry she didn’t finish me off I almost felt glad she stopped teasing me. I thought it was satisfaction at being teased. I wrote about this in A Lion Breakthrough. The satisfaction was real, but the level of stimulation was a bit short of taking me to the very edge of the cliff. Now that she takes me so close that I am sure I will ejaculate with or without an orgasm, she stops. This is a powerful physical and emotional experience. It makes me unmistakably feel her control.

I asked Mrs. Lion how she knows exactly when I am about to go over the edge. She smiled and said that she won’t tell me so that I won’t change my signals. There is no question that her powers of observation have taught her how to be so successful at teasing me. I also think that I am learning. I don’t mean that I am learning in the sense that I control what happens to me. I think that my brain is learning how to separate arousal from ejaculation. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the hair trigger that controls my release of semen has gotten less sensitive. My body is making it easier for Mrs. Lion to give me that ultimate frustration. If that’s true and I continue separating ejaculation from that peak, eventually she can train me to ejaculate only when told I can. I know that some people have learned to do this. I wonder if I will too.

While tease and deny is a very frustrating activity for me, it is also a perfectly correct part of my chastity. I am very proud of my lioness for her ability to resist the temptation to let me orgasm at the end. I may hate it at the time, but I am grateful that she is training me this way. I’m even ready to accept that I don’t need to orgasm as often as I do now. Is this progress? I think so!


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    Sounds like a good start to me ..:-)

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