I know I’ve told Lion I’d do anything for him. And he’s said it to me. But it’s just not true. Would I give him a kidney? Yes. Would I put my life on the line for him? Yes. Would I go to the opera with him? (Yuck) Yes. Would I do breath play with him? No. Body suspension? No. So there are limits.

A long time ago, my studly Lion had a relationship with two women. He lived many men’s fantasy. I’m not sure how long the relationship lasted but he said it was great! And exhausting. When we got together I told him about my fantasy to have sex with two guys at once. Not a relationship. Just a few hours. Lion said he didn’t like that idea. Two guys was something he didn’t want any part of. He said he might be ok with another woman but no guys. Humph! Whose fantasy is this anyway?

Over the years we’ve done all sorts of things. I’ve spanked him. I’ve shoved dildos up his ass. I’ve put so many clothes pins on him he looked like a human porcupine. I’ve tied up his balls and his cock. He has never asked me to do something I wouldn’t do. We’re even fulfilling his fantasy of being caged. He’s never hit my limit. But with that one fantasy I managed to hit his.

If he had asked me before we started what my limits were I would have had no idea. Since I was a newbie I couldn’t have predicted what he had in store for me. I had to take each suggestion as it came. I still do.

Maybe you’ve been in the lifestyle for a long time. Maybe you think you’ve seen everything. I bet someone could come up with something you’ve never heard of. Even if you’ve set limits in your relationship, it’s always a good idea to revisit them as new things pop up. And people change their minds all the time. The act that turned your stomach a few years ago may turn you on now.