Tease and Deny

Mrs. Lion has resolved to put more effort into supporting our male chastity lifestyle. I got notice of this in a text message the other day. I have been very happy with her acceptance of my request to incorporate forced chastity into our lives. It hasn’t been easy for her, but she has been wonderful in her efforts to embrace this kink. Everyone who practices male orgasm control (chastity) has their own spin on how it should work. In most cases the objective is not simply to prevent the male from masturbating or having sex. It can also include making him really miss use of his cock. That is what I asked for when we had our chastity talk. Simply putting my penis in its little cage makes me long for release for a while. After three or four days I find myself getting a bit grumpy. After a week, my interest in release tends to lose immediacy. That’s where tease and deny comes in.

Tease and deny is exciting the male just to the edge of orgasm and stopping. The closer to orgasm the more profound the sense of loss. Sound cruel? It certainly did to Mrs. Lion. When we discussed this, she said that she really likes making me come. The idea of preventing me from ejaculating bothers her. She feels cruel. I get it. I’m not sure why I want this kind of torment, but I do. Last night, a couple of days after her declaration to “work harder” to do these things to me, she unlocked me and began stimulating me. It felt like a nice surprise hand job. Like most males, my arousal isn’t a nice, steady climb like a woman’s. Instead, I get hard and feel excited and then stay that way. A few seconds before I ejaculate my excitement rises very quickly, then I come. Effectively doing tease and deny with me requires interpreting my involuntary signals that I am just about to come. Even though Mrs. Lion reads me like a book, knowing the exact second before orgasm is not a sure thing. Want to see how it works? This page is a video of a very successful tease-and-deny session.

A couple of weeks ago she took me out to “stretch”. She stimulated me until I was very hard and then stopped. Later, I mentioned that I was pretty far from orgasm. I guess that encouraged her to push me harder. Last night she sure did. Unfortunately, just as she stopped I went over the edge. Without her touching I ejaculated. In chastity jargon that’s a “ruined orgasm”. Without direct stimulation during and after ejaculation, the orgasm is not as satisfying. Some keyholders use this form of somewhat disappointing masturbation to “milk” their males. That is, they use this method to get an ejaculation while minimizing male satisfaction. Sort of a maintenance squirt.

Mrs. Lion was surprised that I had managed to squirt. She decided to take advantage of my ruined orgasm and fed me the unexpected semen. I don’t like that flavor, but that wasn’t the point. It was a nice form of creative recycling and a very good expression of her control. I am so proud of her! Her new resolve has made a big difference in my life. I am very grateful that she loves me enough to go to this trouble for me.

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    My KH makes me “clean up” an spilled cum too. It is very erotic but submissive at the same time. I do not love it, but I do like the fact I am allowed to cum.

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