man being spanked
I think Lion likes spanking too much for it to be an effective punishment.

I read an article today about a study that said spanking does not work for disciplining young children. Apparently the majority of them re-offend almost immediately. That got my mind going.

I wonder how many of these kids liked to be spanked and misbehaved on purpose. In that respect, maybe the spanking worked perfectly. Just not the way the parent had in mind. At what point do people realize they like pain?

When I was in grade school, at recess one day, two boys grabbed some girls and tied them to a tree with jump ropes. Some of the girls struggled to get away. Some of them seemed to accept their fate as captives. Were the boys future tops? Were the girls future bottoms? They were probably too young to understand dominance and submission. But at some level they may have understood their place in the world. They just didn’t know what to call it.

Of course, I don’t know if the boys became tops and the girls bottoms. I don’t even remember their names. But it might be interesting to find out if kids who misbehave so quickly after punishment grow up to enjoy being spanked and tied up.

In the back of my mind I wonder if Lion drops food on purpose just to get his punishment swats. I don’t think he likes the shock collar enough to get zapped on purpose. But spanking? Yeah he really likes spanking. There is a difference between a punishment swat and a play swat. But if he’s not getting enough play swats would he really resort to cheating to get some rosy buns? When he read this post he said he only remembers being spanked once as a child. And he liked it. I guess that answers the question of when Lion realized he liked pain.