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anti pullout device
Note the pointed pin at the top of the Jail Bird cage (see detail) where it joins the cock and ball ring. This sharpened pin is designed to make attempting pull out very painful. (Photo courtesy Mature Metal)

(Monday, May 19 2014) Mrs. Lion was surprised yesterday when I mentioned that my cage, in fact any cage isn’t totally secure. With enough lube, ice, time, and ability to handle some pain, any chastity device secured via a cock and ball ring can be escaped. Device makers have been working to make escape too painful to attempt. some offer inserts for the end of the cage that have sharp points to dig into the penis if withdrawal is attempted (see photo right).

This sharp point will certainly make pull out painful and could do some damage to the penis. There is a drawback to including this in a chastity device: any attempted erection will cause the point to dig painfully into the penis. This may sound like a good idea: anti pullout and erection discouragement. Bear in mind that most every man gets several erections during sleep. These erections have nothing to do with sex. If you are wearing a cage with one of these anti-pullout devices, you will most certainly be awakened most painfully as the pin digs into the sensitive skin of your cock. This will happen several times every night. I don’t know of any cases where the male actually learned not to get these involuntary erections. If you go this route, be prepared to lose a lot of sleep.

When I first started reviewing chastity devices in the 1990’s, most of what I read was written by males who locked themselves up and then worked to escape their chastity devices. Once they managed to get out, they would attempt to buy a more escape-proof device. This became a very expensive hobby. I tested a lot of these devices that ranged from tubes that were fastened to my piercing to full belts that made any genital contact impossible. I learned that the more secure the device, the less comfortable and convenient to wear.

Others noticed this too and the CB2000 was invented. I still have one of the first versions made by hand from acrylic rods and tubes. This device brought in a new group of people into forced male chastity. The CB2000 was under $200, the other devices cost from $400 up to thousands. It was easy to wear and fit. It was also easy to escape. So, “Points of Intrigue” were made available, a row of sharp points at the top of the cage. I tested this too. When I got an erection I couldn’t get that thing off fast enough! Most men are smart enough to realize that anti-pullout devices are not worth the suffering.

Does that mean that males like me can just escape and get off when we wish? No, not really. First off, while it may be a chore to pull out. How do you plan to get back in so that your keyholder won’t discover your escape? I think that’s possible to do with the Jail Bird, but probably not easily accomplished. More importantly, why would you want to escape? Isn’t the idea to give up control?

I know that I like the feeling that while I did give up control, I can’t take it back. Being able to slip out of my cage for a quick wank would certainly make me feel that I didn’t really give up anything. The cage is there to remind me that no matter how frustrated and horny I get, an erection and ejaculation are not going to happen unless Mrs. Lion lets me out. After all, this is something I want, right? While there are times that I wonder what the hell I was thinking of when I asked to be caged, the reality is that I did ask and I got my wish.

If you are in the market for a chastity device remember that the more security you want the less comfortable it will be to wear. I have been happily wearing my Jail Bird 24/7 (except for doctor visits) since January. I barely know it is there unless I try to get hard. Then, I am aware of a gentle pressure on my cock, but no pain. I sleep through the night without any pain from the device. The best security device you can use is self control.

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    My opinion is that, given the structure of the male genitals, a device that’s less than a full-coverage belt has to incorporate a piercing to be really secure. If will power is all that’s involved, why bother with the devices?

    I have a Ms. Lori’s #18A, which I originally ordered with a locking pin for a PA piercing. I found there was too much stress on the PA and “upgraded” to an apadravya piercing, which definitely is not for everyone.

    And, it must be admitted, it takes some work to make work. After stretching the piercing to take the 6 gauge pin, I’ve worn the device on and off for a year, and have gotten increasingly comfortable with it that I can easily go for a month at a time without having to remove it, and it is perfectly comfortable while exercising, etc., which is largely due to my body adjusting to it.

    With either piercing pin option, no pullout is possible! It is a bit more uncomfortable during the nocturnal erections, but that’s a price I am willing to pay for the “locked-up” feeling.

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