Punishment Or Fun

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Punishment and fun have to be different to be effective. I like to be paddled. How effective is it as a punishment?

(Tuesday, May 20 2014) Last night was a nice, at home evening. I remained uncaged until 9 PM when I was safely locked away. Mrs. Lion was writing her post about the failure of spanking. When we talked about it I remembered the one and only time I was spanked as a child. I was ten years old and in my pajamas. My parents had some guests and I was acting bratty. My mother told me to stop or she would spank me. That was the first time she ever threatened that. I felt a nice shiver go down my spine. Naturally, I continued acting out. She very unenthusiastically grabbed me, pulled down my pajama bottoms, put me over her lap, and gave me a few desultory swats. I loved them!

My parents never attempted to swat me again. It would be easy to assign all sorts of Freudian meanings to this first encounter with spanking. What happened was  a new interest in spanking that emerged much later in my life. Mrs. Lion was right that spanking to me isn’t really punishment. Strictly speaking, that’s not true. She can give a paddling that I definitely don’t like at all. But she was right; I will provoke a punishment paddling if I can’t get a fun spanking.

When the line between punishment (correction, if you prefer) and play is blurry, it is unlikely the bottom will really get the intended message. That, of course, brings up the question of whether as a keyholder you want to be correcting your male. Most caged males associate surrender of control with receiving correction as needed. I don’t think that keyholders automatically make that connection.

I like being tied up and spanked and abused in other fun way. I actually enjoy those clothespins on my balls. Yes, this hurts, but it is a good pain to me. I also like the idea of discipline. I want Mrs. Lion to make and enforce rules for me. But what can she do if I break a rule? If she spanks me, I may not interpret that as punishment. I like spanking. She can use the shock collar if I am wearing it. I definitely don’t want her to shock me for my entertainment (it’s fine if she does it for her amusement). So that will work.

What about extending my time in the cage with no stimulation? Many keyholders use that technique to correct caged male behavioral issues. The jury’s out on that with me. In one sense it will make a strong point since I really love to be unlocked and teased and given orgasms. On the other hand, I like feeling Mrs. Lion’s control. The true test of a punishment is whether it is something I want to avoid or invite. I invite spanking. I avoid shocks. I suspect I would invite short extensions of lockup time, but avoid longer ones (more than a week).

Mrs. Lion has been very good about giving me orgasms. I’m grateful for that. So, being forced to wait longer would probably be something I won’t want to do. Assuming that is an effective punishment, what offenses would earn it? My current rules are not to spill food or interrupt Mrs. Lion. If I add a week to no-sex lockup for each time I spill food, I will never get out of my cage. Interrupting may warrant such harsh action. I’m not sure.

Ok, let’s assume Mrs. Lion decides to extend lock up for an infraction. That extension changes some of the ways we do things now. For example, I am unlocked and allowed to shower to get clean cage-free. This happens a couple of times a week. If I am being punished, then it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to allow me unsupervised out-of-cage time. Part of the punishment should probably be loss of trust to handle my cock. Maybe Mrs. Lion will need to shower with me on cleanup days.

I’m not saying that extending lockup is something that should happen to me. My point is that I need a clear distinction between correction and fun. I think most caged males feel the same way. Let me know what you think. Also, what do you use/get as effective punishments? Please leave a comment and share.


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    I am new to the chastity life. Just passed my first month. My wife has picked up on and gotten into this pretty easy. She has not been one to do much research on the topic though. That leaves me to be the one to bring up new things that I have found that seem to go along with chastity. She has been very open to try almost anything I have brought up, and sometimes seems to really enjoy some of it. The one thing I had failed to bring up in the first month though was rules and punishment for breaking them. For whatever reason it hadn’t popped into my mind, and maybe not hers. So when the one month anniversary came up I let her know that it had been one month and that it was up to her if she would like to continue on with me being caged. She told me that she was really enjoying it and would definitely like to continue. That was great news to hear because I was living out a fantasy that I really enjoyed. After that I mentioned to her that maybe we could kick it up another notch and she could make up some rules I’d have to follow. She thought that sounded like fun but didn’t really have any in mind(so she says). So I gave her a few examples of rules I had read before and then left it up to her. Her first rule ended up being that I could not be on my phone between 8-830 at night. That the half hour before the kids go to bed and she says there is no reason I should be distracted with whatever is going on on my phone. I agreed. Rule set. So for the past couple days I have made sure to just keep my phone out of sight at that time. Really no big deal. It was funny that this post came out today though because I was just thinking earlier that we had never set up a punishment for if I broke that first rule. So I started thinking of random punishments and of course the first thing that came to mind was being spanked. Growing up I was spanked as a child. Not very often, or severe enough to the point of abuse, but I was spanked and it hurt and I didn’t like it. As I’ve grown older now and my mind has become more, shall we say, perverse, I think I might actually enjoy the spanking now if my wife were to try it. I’m also the type of person who tends to enjoy some pain. My wife grabbed and squeezed my balls pretty roughly a couple weeks ago. She was very surprised that I enjoyed it. Won’t lie, I kind of was too. I knew for sure it turned me on when she grabbed me by the boys and pretty much dragged me up to the bedroom last night. So I think I’d enjoy the spanking too. Of course I don’t know for sure because I haven’t been spanked in about 23 years, but I have a feeling I would. Then I also thought about being locked up longer without any release. As it stands right now I am teased throughout a week, then after then I am allowed a release. I know I could go longer than a week if she still teased me, but without the teasing I’m not sure. So today I sent her a message asking her if she’s noticed I’ve been following her first rule she’s made. And then I brought up the fact that we hadn’t talked about any punishment for breaking said rule. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with. She knows that I am a glutton for pain. So will she go that route and try and take it to the point to where she’d think I won’t enjoy it? Or will she take away pleasurable time from me that may be more of a mental punishment? Can’t wait to find out.

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      Great comment! Thank you. First off, I suggest you ask your wife to read our section How To Cage Your Man. It offers some woman-friendly tips on caging you. It’s great that you can discuss your fantasies with her and that she actually makes some come true. It will take both of you time to fully settle in but you are certainly well on your way!

      If you, like me, enjoy spanking, then it should only be used for “play” or for punishment for things that aren’t serious. For more serious offenses, the punishment has to be something you will absolutely not like on any level. What that is, you two have to determine. One other thing, she should know that she doesn’t have to consult with you regarding rules, punishments, lock up time, or anything else pertaining to your chastity. I suggest you encourage her to be independent and much less interested in your input.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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    I have a story about punishment deserved and applied, but this post is over 6 years old, so I’ll save it.

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