Last summer, Lion and I took several trips. We weren’t really playing much last year so the extent of our toy collection on the road was a zip lock bag of ropes so I could tie up his balls. This year we plan to take several more trips and I’d like to be prepared.

For Valentine’s day I bought Lion a set of restraints that can be slipped under any mattress easily. They aren’t as strong as the restraints on our bed, but they will keep him from squirming too much and we’ll still have the ability to play while we travel. For the past few days I have been making mental notes about what toys I think we should bring with us. Today was the first time I actually went shopping. Now when I say shopping, I mean I went to our basement, into our dungeon, and opened the cabinets full of toys. Lion has been doing this a long, long time and he has many toys. He even gave a lot away when we stopped playing. But there are still many, many toys.

The first thing I knew we needed was a punishment paddle. I picked one that looks like a hairbrush. It should make the point nicely. I chose a flogger, a crop and a paddle. Lion can explain the different sensations better than  I can. Some toys sting. Some toys thud. I just know he loves them all. To round out my shopping basket I have a dildo, a butt plug, lube, clothespins and more rope. That should keep us busy.

We’re lucky that all of our trips are road trips. We are only limited by what we can fit in the car. I’ve toted a mobile toybox around before. I know these items will fit in a medium sized duffle bag. No sweat.

This year, of course, Lion is caged. That adds a new dimension to our adventures. Actually it adds everything to our adventures. As I said, last year we weren’t playing much. I have a feeling Lion will be a busy boy on our trips.