The other night, Lion was looking for a documentary to watch. The TV suggested a few and he picked one on Hemingway because Lion knows he’s my favorite writer. Well, my favorite writer from way back when. I know. He was a male chauvinist, etc, etc. But that does not detract from being a great writer.

When we started it, we didn’t realize that it was a multi-part series. And I didn’t realize how much I still like his style. It’s generally short, choppy sentences. But in those short sentences, somehow, he can convey so much without saying a lot. You can feel the dust being disturbed and settling back down.

I’ve only read three or four of his novels. I don’t think Lion has read any. I read most of them when I was in high school, but they definitely stood up. I remember A Farewell to Arms being very tedious for a fourteen—or fifteen-year-old to read. It was one of the audio books I listened to a few years ago. It is still my favorite.

Lion’s been writing again. I don’t know what this book is about. I don’t need to know. He may change directions a few times before he’s ready for anyone to read it. I’m just glad he’s writing again. I know it frustrates him sometimes, but it’s a good outlet. [Lion — Actually, I’m revising my last novel. It needs work. I started another, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort if no one wants to publish what I write.]

I didn’t spank him last night. Once again, I was working on something, and he asked me to find a power cord for one of his many printers. I dug through a bunch of boxes and came up empty. It turns out I was looking for the wrong printer. The one he wanted doesn’t need a power cord. I’ve told him that a few times. Am I sure it doesn’t need a power cord? There’s no place to plug one in. And when I press the button, a green light comes on. I’d say that was definitive. He still asked if I was sure.

Anyway, after that fiasco, I didn’t feel like spanking him. I guess I was annoyed enough, but I’m not going to hit him when I’m upset. I don’t want to really hurt him. A few bruises and a little blood is fine, but what if I start whomping and can’t stop? I doubt that will happen, but why tempt fate?

I failed to read his email yesterday, but I read today’s. The Lion weather is steamy. He reminded me I owe him a spanking or three. I agreed and told him he needed to stop distracting me by making me look for power cords. Maybe I can actually swat him tonight.


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