We went to the casino last night, and Lion broke even. I lost. I wish I could find a game that amused me as much as the ones Lion finds. Let me correct that. I wish I could find a game that amuses me and pays me some money back along the way. It will hold my interest more if it pays me dribs and drabs rather than just taking my money. I don’t expect to win. I’d just rather lose more slowly.

Today is waxing day. Since we didn’t run the errands I wanted to do yesterday, we have to run them today. That may cut into waxing time. Of course, getting a late start to the day because we’re both so tired cuts into our time too. It’s a good thing we aren’t bound by any time constraints. It doesn’t matter if I wax Lion at midnight. The only deadline I have is being able to make it to work Monday morning.

Lion is still a little sore from his fall. I don’t think that will stand in the way of waxing. It may make tying him to the waxing table too uncomfortable, but no one said it has to happen when I wax him. The table is always there. I don’t think it will hinder oral sex either. As long as he can endure breathing hard when I get him near the edge, we should be good to go. He should be getting horny by now. I haven’t heard a Lion weather report yet.

I’m not going to do a “just because” spanking to make up for Thursday’s missed spanking. It’s too close to Monday now. I can add a few minutes if I care to, but I’m not sure I will. I guess you could argue that Lion must have done something to deserve a spanking and probably even a few extra minutes. You’d probably be right. I’m sure I’ve missed things. I tell myself I’m trying to pay more attention but am I? I can do better. I need to for Lion.

Lion said something last night that both did and did not make sense. He made a noise while I was playing with my weenie and when I asked him what it meant, he said I have to play with him the way he likes it, or it won’t work, and I wonder why he doesn’t get hard. Let’s dissect this.

There are times a stiff breeze will arouse Lion. If he’s super horny, then touching his leg can get a rise out of him. He has also been known to get hard when I slather IcyHot on his balls. Obviously, it burns like hell, and I’m not playing with him the way he likes it. In cases like these, his statement does not make sense. On the other hand, sometimes, I have to beg and plead to get an erection. Those times it would seem to make sense that I’d need to hit just the right spot just the right way to make him hard.

From these observations, I think it all depends on his horniness level. Last night, a few days after orgasm, he wasn’t as horny as he might be, even three days later. Maybe the arousal from a stiff breeze doesn’t happen until day ten. Perhaps it isn’t time contingent. In the past, he’s been super horny after only four days. We’ve never been able to figure out why his super horniness fluctuates. I guess the point is that I have to read the situation and go from there.

Tonight we’re going to the casino. We may or may not have a free dinner coming. We’re just looking for some outside entertainment. And Lion wants to get out of the house. He’s basically trapped unless I’m home to take him somewhere. So we’ll sit in one chair for hours and marvel at the lights and sounds. We’ll eat. And then sit in either the same or different chairs for hours to marvel at the lights and sounds. The difference is that we can’t stay too long because of the dog.

Thank you, Willow.

Yesterday I got strange looks when I said it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer. People pointed out our heat waves. I think that was part of the problem. We were stuck inside, trying to stay cool. I also made a few trips east that cut into summer. Daisy was sick and passed. We got Willow. So many things happened that were out of the ordinary. Oddly enough, I had a pretty good summer last year. That’s probably because nothing happened.

In some ways, I like boring. Maybe not exactly boring but routine. It’s not that I can’t go with the flow. I’m pretty good at that. I’m not as bad as needing to have taco Tuesday or hot dogs every Wednesday. I don’t have a set laundry day. But I do like a certain amount of structure. Maybe that’s why having set punishment days for Lion works for us. It may have started as a rule for Lion to break. He seldom does anymore because he cheats. He has reminders set in Outlook. He could just as easily have Alexa announce at 11 am that it’s time to set up the coffee pot.

I don’t often punish him on punishment days. I even push off the “just because” spanking if we’re busy, tired, or not feeling well. However, he still has to follow the rule of reminding me. It may be hypocritical, but I don’t have to punish him when he’s supposed to be punished. They aren’t my rules. Maybe it’s not fair, and I tend to push it off more than I should, and sometimes I forget altogether. Those are the times that Lion speaks up, and I realize that inertia has gotten the better of me again.

I am somewhat proud of myself for initiating waxing this time around. Sometimes I tell him he’s getting furry. Most of the time, he’s the one who pushes for hair removal. I don’t care one way or another, but I know he does, and that’s why it’s important to do it. This time around, I was proactive. He’s probably long overdue, but I said something before he did. I win! [Lion — Actually, you are right on time. My last waxing was July 25.]

Of course, I was also proactive in buying new restraints, and we haven’t used them yet. I promise we will in the next few days. I want Lion to be at least a little horny. For all, I know he is right now. I haven’t been getting the Lion weather report. Maybe that needs to be a rule too. It may be another silly one, but it’s useful too. Yup. It’s a new rule. I need to have a Lion weather report at least every three days. How we’re going to track that is beyond me right now. Maybe he can put that reminder in Outlook. The cheater.

Willow isn’t too sure she wants to stay in the camper.

We are about to embark on our only camping trip of the season. We had one other scheduled in June, but our dog Daisy wasn’t doing well, so we canceled. I have no idea how Willow, our three-month-old golden retriever, will do in the camper. She hasn’t been in it. She’s housebroken in the sense that the back door is open at home, and she can go out through the screen any time she wants. What’s going to happen in the camper? We shall see.

I have to get things ready and ferry them out to the camper. We don’t normally cook while we’re away. We eat breakfast, but lunch and dinner are usually grabbed along the way during our excursions. I don’t know how we’ll handle excursions this time around. The puppy has to be in her crate if we leave her. We either have to take the dog with us or take shorter trips. She whines when she’s in the car unless we listen to music. Like Lion, she’s partial to classical.

If we stay around the camper more of the time, Lion will be bored. He says we could have just stayed home if we’re going to sit around. That’s true, but we don’t do many “camping” things. We don’t cook out. We don’t sit around the campfire. [Lion — No one does this year. Fires are banned.] We don’t really camp. We drag our hotel around behind us. I imagine we’ll bring the dog with us most of the time. Either way, she’ll be snoozing.

We’re going to a place we’ve visited many times before. I always wonder what’s left to explore, but we usually manage to find something new. Plus, there’s always the chance to revisit places we like a lot. This area also has the potential of having nice fruits and vegetables. Lion likes that part. I’ve had my watermelon. I’m good for the year. Of course, if you want to add some fruit to sangria and force me to drink it, I wouldn’t argue with you.