Hair Free and Swat Free

Lion never did watch his opera. He was in his office for most of the day. By the time he came out to mix up the food for the strawberries and tomatoes, I was ready to abandon waxing. It takes a while to change the water and feed them once he’s done with his part. But the wax was all melted so I decided to do it. I have to go on a prescription run so I wouldn’t have time to do it tonight.

I know it’s been a while, well over a month, since I’ve waxed him. He seemed to have more chest hair. It’s no big deal. Just an observation. He always had chest hair, and it wasn’t a problem. At some point, he decided he wanted that gone too. The only issue I’ve had with chest hair is that it tickles my nose when we snuggle. I don’t remember that happening before he wanted it waxed. Of course, I don’t remember the hair at the base of his penis tickling my nose then, either.

While I was cleaning him up, I tried to get him off. He was very oily and seemed to be interested. I guess he wasn’t too interested because he stopped me after a while. Even a slippery weenie isn’t a horny weenie. I’ll have to see what I can do with my mouth.

Since we were late getting done with waxing, I forgot all about his punishment-day swats. I can make it up today. It’s punishment day again. Does that mean I owe him five minutes from Saturday and five from today? That’s an interesting question. I could just keep going for a while after the timer has gone off. Or I could make the swats harder. Both are solid ideas. Lion will have to wait for the answer.