Mrs. Lion slept in on Sunday morning. I decided to get up and use the time to write this post. Yesterday afternoon, we used the Edex and Mrs. Lion gave me oral sex. She commented that some hair had grown back above my penis and tickled her nose. She wondered if we should try the pulsed light hair removal system I got some time ago. I agreed, and we will try it in limited areas. It burns too much to use on my balls.

That got me thinking about male grooming. When my partner shaved me over twenty-five years ago, the practice was uncommon for men. I decided to see how things have changed. Good old Google turned up a Journal of Men’s Health1 study on that very subject. It turns out that a little over half of American men remove all or some pubic hair. The study goes into detail about exactly how many remove particular regions of hair and demographic data. It’s clear that I’m far from alone.

According to the study, there is an increase in genital injuries and sexually transmitted diseases in men who groom pubic hair. It isn’t very high, but it occurs. I suspect that shaving is responsible for most. It makes sense to take care when grooming down there. Women weren’t included in the study. Other research has shown that a majority of women do some pubic styling.

From my perspective, loss of my pubic hair has proven very positive. I like how the smooth skin looks and feels. It’s easier to stay clean and odor free. Removing pubic hair is a no-brainer when using a male chastity device. Hair gets caught and pulls painfully. It also gets in the way when putting on the device.

One of the main reasons that men gave for pubic grooming was to facilitate oral sex. Mrs. Lion is far from the only woman who prefers to avoid nose tickles when sucking cock. The prevalence of shaved male pubes in porn was also cited as a reason for male pubic grooming.

So, if I were in a locker room, I wouldn’t be the only hairless guy. I stopped worrying about that years ago. I am a happy advocate of hairless male genitals.

1 Gaither, T. W., Awad, M. A., Osterberg, E. C., Rowen, T. S., Shindel, A. W., & Breyer, B. N. (2017). Prevalence and Motivation: Pubic Hair Grooming Among Men in the United States. American Journal of Men’s Health, 11(3), 620-640.

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  1. While I really like being hairless, my wife prefers me with hair. We compromise and she tells me when to shave in the fall or winter and when to let it grow back out for the summer. This now includes everything from arm pits to toes. Fortunately my back and chest is naturally hairless.

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