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Mrs. Lion loves games. She spends time almost every day playing them on her iPad or computer. She used to consider our domestic discipline a game (for her). She liked catching me break rules and didn’t mind paddling me when I was caught. I liked it too. For me, it was a high-stakes activity. Mrs. Lion’s spankings are no joke. As a very nice side effect, I learned to do what she wanted. Spill food, get spanked. Guess what? I don’t spill food.

The problem with this game is that Mrs. Lion has run out of ideas for rules. Without a set of rules to enforce, there’s nothing to catch me doing wrong. The game withers and dies. I miss it. I think she does too. She got a certain gleam in her eye when she caught me breaking a rule. Even though I knew it meant ten minutes on the spanking bench, I did too. Sure, I ended up with a sore bottom much of the time, but I also felt more connected with my lioness.

Another game possibility intrigues me. It probably won’t appeal to Mrs. Lion. It’s about sex. I realize that orgasm control and male chastity are games we have played for over ten years. In fact, they are no longer games for us. We’ve done it so long that Mrs. Lion’s control of my orgasms is our way of life. Since Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself, there seem to be just two possibilities for me: oral sex or a handjob. Mrs. Lion decides what she wants to do. Sometimes, she will accept my suggestions.

There is a third possibiity that so far Mrs. Lion has avoided. She could ride me without having an orgasm herself. The last time she did that was in 2018. I would love it. If she rode me in the reverse cowgirl position, I would orgasm without getting her off. She’s capable of orgasms; she just doesn’t want to have them.

The game I’m thinking about involves determining what if any, kind of sex I get. Assuming Mrs. Lion feels well enough to get me off, maybe we can use a random method of determining what happens. If we are just deciding between handjob or blowjob, a flip of a coin can make that decision–heads, it’s oral; tails, handjob. If we want to add lion-riding to the mix, we need to do something more complex.

Given that riding me is more work for Mrs. Lion and obviously something she’s avoided, we want to make that harder to get. We could roll a die. If it comes up with a six, she rides me. Any other even number, it’s oral; odd numbers get a handjob. That gives me a one-in-six chance of being ridden, a three-in-five chance of a handjob, and a tow-in-five chance of oral. If she wants to even the odds, she can make rolling a one mean no sex for me that night.

Sound like fun?

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  1. To paraphrase Meatloaf:
    “Five out of Six Ain’t Bad”

    Lion, this is like Russian Roulette (with 1 bullet in the gun) IN REVERSE – you have an 83.33% chance of something good happening – even a 33.33% chance of a BJ (LOL)

    1. Author

      Yes I do! That’s the idea. The dice are only rolled on days that Mrs. Lion wants to get me off. Now, if you want to make the game a little different, like rolling dice every day, then use two or more dice and assign sex to only three numbers. Mrs. Linn likes this game idea and as soon as she is feeling up to sex, she wants to play (one die).

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