No, I’m not all better yet. I definitely feel better than I did at the beginning of the week, but still not quite there. I ate some Activia yesterday. Vile stuff. Today I’m trying acidophilus. I’ve had this, whatever it is, before but it never lasted this long. Maybe I’m old and this is just one more system that is letting me know I can’t eat or drink whatever I want to anymore. Of course, I have no idea what I might have eaten or drunk to cause this, but that’s part of the fun of life.

Lion ordered some lube. I think it may be the same as the lube we already have that’s lost in a box somewhere. Naturally, that’s the way it works. You can’t find something, so you order another, and inevitably, the original shows up again. It’s magic. Anyway, we’ll have to take this lube for a test run. Will he get an orgasm out of the deal? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just tease him. Maybe I’ll go further. He won’t be getting a blow job if he’s slathered with lube, but handjobs are working again, so we shall see. I think I’m feeling well enough to jerk him off.

lion  being spanked on bare bottom

I have to get back to unpacking. We have a habit of ordering things that have no homes, and they just sit around. My once-clean table is covered with stuff again. Lion usually blames clutter on me, but on more than one occasion, I have taken my clutter off the table, and it’s still more than half full of his clutter. With a three-day weekend, I intend to make the house more presentable. I know I won’t get through all the boxes, but things are just tossed around. If I organize the mess, it will look better.

And, of course, an extra day off means more time for Lion fun. If that fun involves spanking, I’m not sure how much fun he’ll have, but he can reminisce about his spanking after the pain dies down a bit. He’s wired like that. (I just noticed that “wired” and “weird” have the same letters. Coincidence? He’s weird like that, too.)

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