That’s Mrs. Lion jerking me off.

May is masturbation month, and I haven’t even mentioned it. Of course, I don’t masturbate. I haven’t since December 2013, when Mrs. Lion put her paw down and forbade it. Generally speaking, masturbation is considered a healthy sexual practice. Regular orgasms are good for you. Mrs. Lion’s point was that since she was my mate and perfectly capable of providing me with sex, there was no reason for do-it-yourself orgasms. That does put me at a disadvantage in May.

Actually, it doesn’t. Mrs. Lion stopped wanting orgasms for herself several years ago. She provides orgasms for me. Depending on how you define it, the sex I get is masturbation. Most have been oral in the last year or two, though recently, handjobs have returned. I love both. Most people consider handjobs as masturbation and oral as intercourse. I suppose that is fair. Oral sex does involve my penis being taken into Mrs. Lion’s body. A handjob substitutes her hand for mine.

Almost all of my handjobs are done dry–no lube. I think that Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the mess of getting her hands and my cock and balls covered with lube. [Mrs. Lion — I’ve used lube a number of times. I was under the impression Lion didn’t really like it. Live and learn.] Her dry technique is excellent and usually gets the job done. I think with some experimenting, lube might be even more fun for me. There are some new factors that come into play when lube is used. The most obvious one is the lube itself. There are a lot of them on the market and each has unique properties. We have a few that Mrs. Lion can try. I’ve also ordered one from the UK that gets high praise for handjobs in Europe. However, we can start with what we have.

The second big factor is technique. A lubed handjob requires much more contact than a dry one. I imagine that Mrs. Lion’s entire hand around my penis might work best if I’m fully greased up. Also, I’m very fond of humping her hand while she holds it still high enough for me to “fuck” it. I’ve always loved to do that with or without lube. Mrs. Lion seems reluctant to let me. [Mrs. Lion — Nope. I love when he does this. The only problem I have is trying to match my movements with his. Maybe I just have to sit back, leave my hand in one position, and let him do all the work.]

Hand-humping also gives us the chance to try other positions. I could stand or kneel to hump her hand. She could also vary pressure or release my cock as a way to tease me. Masturbating me can be a creative activity. I often wonder if Mrs. Lion just wants to get it over with as quickly as possible. I think that’s why she doesn’t like restraining me or doing other things as part of sex. She’s smart and creative, just not motivated.

That’s probably the biggest problem. We have a lot of toys that might be fun for her to use on me. They range from anal to CBT and bondage. I realize that her energy is often low. She’s also been under the weather and has a sore shoulder. These factors push getting me off down her list of things to do. The problem, I think, is understanding how I perceive sex. It isn’t just getting off. Sure, I love a blow job or a handjob, but I have a lot more fun if it is more creative. Making me hump her hand doesn’t take any extra energy. Using restraints adds maybe ten minutes to what we do. I am grateful for her love and attention. I just wonder if sex became more of an adventure for me if my ED would go away or, at least, be easier to manage. I suspect my problem is pyschological more than physical. I may be wrong, but the worst that can happen is more fun.

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  1. Maybe standing and spanking while Mrs Lion is wanking see how that goods have seen pictures to this would like done to me.🐓🇦🇺🔐📏

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