As the Weenie Rises

lion harnessed on spanking bench witha red butt

Lion thought it would be a good idea to test out the harness and straps he bought to make sure he couldn’t escape the spanking bench. Aside from the fact that I haven’t located the strap we’ve been using, I thought it was working fine. He could wiggle. He’d slide down a bit, but I guess I saw that as part of the game. Shouldn’t he be able to hold still? Doesn’t he want me to spank him? Isn’t that something I should be able to demand?

Anyway, he put the harness on and I strapped him down. He could wiggle. He didn’t slide down. One for two. I used a leather paddle to get his virgin butt back into shape. Of course, if I hit hard enough, whether it’s leather or wood is of little consequence. It just plain hurts.

I got his buns a lovely shade of red, with a leathery patch on each cheek, within five minutes. Virgin butts, I reasoned, should not be made to endure the entire ten minutes. We’ll have to work up the that.

A while later, as we were snuggling, Mr. Weenie made an attempt to get hard. Lion sees this as proof that spanking helps him. This morning, we were talking about spanking and how I’ll have to find more rules for him to have more opportunities, but we should just do more spanking anyway. And there goes Mr. Weenie again. This time he was harder and standing up tall and proud. More proof that just talking about spanking helps Lion.

I had to go around to Lion’s side of the bed to admire my weenie. Just for fun, I gave him a few sucks. He wanted more. Too bad. That’s for later. There are things to be done around the house. Besides, there might be another spanking coming before the next blow job. We need more proof that spanking makes the weenie rise.