Naked Buns

For two days, Lion has been free range. I let him go free on turkey day, remembered to give him panties Friday and have forgotten since then. He also hasn’t been reminding me. That was never a rule. I just knew I’d need help remembering. For what it’s worth, I haven’t been reminding him to go on the treadmill. I guess that makes us even.

Apparently, the threat of a spanking woke Lion up. After he read my post yesterday, he loudly declared he was heading into the bedroom. I think I said, “So?” He clarified that he wanted to do an Edex shot. I guess he was going to do it whether I was in the room or not because I heard him tearing open the wrappers. Technically, there’s no rush for me to be in the room since his erection lasts a while, but he does need help aiming the needle to miss veins and get it in the right spot. I wasn’t busy, so I went to help.

He didn’t want any CBT. He must have been primed from the wait and from the threat of a spanking. And he was ready. It took a little while, but not as long as last time. Of course, I don’t time these things. I go by how long it takes me to get uncomfortable or when my arms start to fall asleep. Neither happened yesterday. Unfortunately, what else didn’t happen is cream filling. He has a theory that if he isn’t hard or fully erect, the semen has nowhere to “wait”. I don’t know if his theory is correct, but while he was hard, he wasn’t as long as he is sometimes. As I was sucking on him, I wondered if he’d prove his theory. I’ll need more experimentation to prove or disprove it. Lucky Lion.