I did it again. I sent Mrs. Lion her daily email a few minutes after noon. She replied:

Ooooo so sorry, but you’re 11 minutes late with your email. Yes, for once I was watching. I guess you have sore buns in your future 😁


Today (Friday) is the first day that I’m pain free when I sit down. Yes, I have it coming. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion is on the ball. I guess the new focus on communication–verbal and with Mrs. Lion’s paddles–is working. This is good news for both of us. I think there’s a lesson in this. The old saw about use it or lose it applies when it comes to male chastity and domestic discipline. Neither is a natural part of a marriage. They’re both interesting kinks.

I’ve been thinking about this in terms of domestic discipline. If there were a tradition of wives spanking husbands that went back for generations, there would be no need for “Just Because” spankings or other artificial reasons to get out the paddles. We would have learned from our parents that domestic discipline is a normal part of life. The Christian sects that follow domestic discipline (wives are spanked by their husbands) have a generations-long tradition of doing this. Children grow up in households where their fathers spank their mothers and them as well. Spanking is a normal part of life. Boys and girls grow up expecting to carry on the tradition. There is no need to create artificial situations for punishment. It’s ingrained.

The rest of us don’t come from a tradition of adults being spanked. We have to develop habits ourselves. Mrs. Lion and I have spent the better part of a decade working on this. So far, we haven’t made domestic discipline a habit that doesn’t require maintenance. We need to find ways to keep Mrs. Lion’s paddles busy, or we will slip back into apathy.

One way to look at this is to consider that domestic discipline doesn’t really work for us. If it did, you might argue, we wouldn’t need to find ways to make sure I get spanked on a regular basis. The assumption behind that is we will adopt and maintain something without the need for artifice if we truly wanted it. I don’t think that’s correct.

Domestic discipline is no different than physical fitness or a good diet. Most of us need to work hard to build the habits that let us pursue those things consistently. We’ve learned that even though we both agree domestic discipline is right for us, it doesn’t mean that we will practice it consistently without help.

If there were local domestic discipline clubs (like the Christian churches that practice DD) we could join, then attending the meetings would help us keep DD alive. Since we’re on our own, we must find our own way. We’ve managed to do that with a combination of Just Because spankings and some BDSM activities. The Just Because spankings started to fail us. Mrs. Lion forgot to administer them. When we added the unrelated BDSM panty-wearing, it helped keep us both more aware of our disciplinary relationship. It works for us. Your results may be different.

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