Mrs. Lion was very unhappy with me about Saturday. As she promised in her post, “Panties, The Treadmill, And A Spanking Tonight,” she spanked me with real enthusiasm. I was yelping and trying to escape in no time. She paid no attention to my protests or the already sore spots from my spanking three days earlier. When she was done, it hurt to lie in bed. It was sore when I tried to get to sleep hours later. Sitting is not comfortable today.

We didn’t do anything sexual. I was probably too uncomfortable, and Mrs. Lion wasn’t feeling in top shape. Assuming that I don’t earn another spanking today (Tuesday), maybe we will try sex tonight. Mrs. Lion is planning to wax me after work today. My balls and butt have gotten pretty hairy. Also, a little patch at the base of my cock keeps growing back. Most of my pubic hair is gone forever.

Mrs. Lion selected an old pair of her panties for me today. Apparently, she and I are the same size. She wears full briefs that are virtually identical to my briefs. The only real difference is the flower pattern and no slit in front for peeing. I bought a couple of pairs of male G-strings that have a nice pouch in front but still have a feminine look Mrs. Lion wants.

Neither of us is obsessed with dressing me in women’s undies. It is an easy way for her to demonstrate her control and build a new dominant habit. Yesterday, I used the treadmill for the first time in ages. I think that regular use will help my balance and ability to walk longer distances. I can use the exercise.

Occasionally, we get a comment or email claiming that my spankings are abuse. I deleted those messages because we have made it very clear that everything we do is consensual. OK, halfway through yesterday’s spanking, I wasn’t feeling very consensual. I wanted Mrs. Lion to stop. That isn’t withdrawal of consent. I knew full well what I was getting into when I agreed to our disciplinary marriage. Mrs. Lion was doing what I asked her to do. Was I sorry I asked her? At that moment I sure was! Now, I’m  grateful she takes the time and energy to spank me.

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