Dual Pouch Briefs

dual pouch men's brefs
David Archy dual pouch briefs have separate pouches for cock and balls. The white pouch holds the balls, the front blue pouch the penis. Click image for purchase information.

Yesterday was one of those days I dread. For some unknown reason, I wasn’t aligned well in my cage. I carry a Q-tip to help deal with this sort of thing. But, my penis was being stubborn and the urinal wasn’t going to work out. So, I found myself having to sit to pee at work. It’s not a big deal in the scope of life, but I dislike having to pull my pants down, putting the liner on the seat, peeing, and then dressing again. It’s so much nicer to just unzip and go. Ok, I’m being grumbly.

I like to look at the daily deals on Amazon. Sometimes I find great stuff. I discovered Sous-Vide cooking because of a sale on a Sous-Vide circulating pump in the daily deals. Monday, there was a deal on David Archy micro modal separate pouches briefs. This is a product I have never seen before. It’s a normal men’s brief except it has two pouches in the front. One holds the scrotum and the other, the penis. The idea is that by separating the boys from the penis, there is less sticking and discomfort. Odd, huh?

The balls go into a soft mesh pouch that allows air circulation and reduces sweating. The penis goes into a lightweight fabric pouch above. Granted, while the concept is great and the customer reviews, raves, I can’t wear them. My penis and balls are held tightly in place by the chastity device. No way it would work for me. However, if you aren’t caged, I imagine this underwear will be incredible to wear/

The fabric used is micro-modal. It’s a blend that wicks moisture away from the body. My underwear is all micro modal. it keeps me dry and never smells bad. I wear Obviously micro modal thongs and briefs. They have an extra-large pouch that nicely holds my cage and its contents. I have both briefs and thongs. Surprisingly, the thongs are much more comfortable to wear. I think it’s because the briefs tend to ride down in back. I hate how that feels. The thong doesn’t do that. I don’t really notice that the strap in back goes into my crack a bit. The fabric is very soft and I am unaware of it there.

It’s interesting that male underwear is available in so many variations that improve comfort. Traditional briefs or boxers put pressure on the genitals and in my opinion, are much less comfortable than underwear designed for the male anatomy. Before I was locked in the chastity device, I didn’t pay too much attention to underwear. Once locked up, the extra bulk of the cage combined with the way my balls are pushed forward, forced the issue for me and I did research.

Of course these fancy, pouched underwear is a lot more expensive than supermarket Hanes. But, they are way more comfortable. I suspect the dual pouch design would be a real pleasure to wear. If you get some, please let me know.


  1. Author

    I have these and like them. I am locked in MM Jailbird (very small) and the separate pouches still work nicely. My only complaint is the length of the legs. They are pretty short and ride up over the course of the day. If they were longer they might be the perfect underwear.

    1. Author

      I’ve ordered the dual pouch briefs. I have a Jail Bird too.

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