Non-leathery Butt

Lion was riding the spanking bench last night. I had him yelping in no time. Sometimes I don’t think I’m hitting very hard when he yelps. I don’t think he’s pretending, but I am confused when it happens.

Eventually, he started bleeding. I don’t remember if I was using a wood or leather paddle at the time. Wood tends to make him bleed. I wonder about the stitching on the leather paddles irritating his skin. Could that cause bleeding? I’m not actively trying to avoid blood. I’m also not actively trying to draw blood. Despite having a tough butt to bruise, it’s very easy to make him bleed. I wasn’t about to stop whomping. I just got a washcloth, ran warm water over it, (I could have been mean and used cold water for shock value) and wiped his buns off.

A few times, he said he’d had enough. Really? I didn’t think so. If I’d stopped, he’d have complained later that I listened to him rather than doing what I wanted to do. We’ve had this discussion before. Even if I was ready to stop, I couldn’t have stopped then because it would have looked like he was calling the shots. Besides, he has a safe word. He didn’t even say “yellow” so how bad could it have been? Around bedtime, he said his butt wasn’t even leathery. I can’t win.

I asked about a boner shot. He said he wanted to wait a while. Then he said he was hungry. When the dinner dishes were cleared, he wanted to snuggle to see what would develop. Nothing did. I still don’t know if he didn’t want to do a boner shot because he was spanked or because he is bad at initiating. This morning’s email (he remembered!) included a question about a boner shot and play for today. I’m all for it. I was all for it yesterday. And the day before. Let’s see if it happens.

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