Inject-Ease makes it much easier to position the needle, not to mention make the injection more comfortable.

The boner saga continues. On Wednesday night, I upped my Trimix dose to .15 ml. The injection went well. Instead of just poking myself, I used an Inject-Ease. This is a device that takes the syringe and then uses a spring to insert the needle. It’s designed for people who are afraid of needles. I like it because I don’t have to locate the very thin (29 ga.) needle on my penis. I find that the needle is difficult to see. The Inject-Ease, lets me put the barrel against my skin. I can position it perfectly. When I get the device on the right spot, I just push a button, and the needle goes it. It’s painless and easy. Once the needle is in, I can push the plunger on the syringe to inject the Trimix.

The results were disappointing.I had a little elongation of my penis, but I didn’t get hard. Mrs. Lion could arouse me and get it up a little more. On Monday, I’ll try .2 ml and see if that doesn’t do the trick. If that dose gets me erect for about an hour, it means a 5 ml vial of Trimax will give me 25 boners. This is a very good number. I suspect it won’t be enough. We’ll see next week. In the meantime, I hope that Mrs. Lion will still try to work her magic.

I’ve been making broad hints about paddles. I don’t want to misbehave purposely, but I’m way overdue for a spanking. It’s been 32 days (as of May 4) since I have been paddled. I don’t like hinting about this. Spankings are no fun, but we need them for a number of reasons. First, if Mrs. Lion hasn’t had domestic discipline top of her mind, she tends to let things slip. She needs to spank me as a way of focusing on her role. I need the spanking too. My sexual responses improve after I’ve been spanked. Even though I hate being spanked, the memory of one turns me on.

Additionally, spanking reinforces our power dynamic. Mrs. Lion is in charge, and when she spanks me, it reminds both of us of that fact. It also helps to correct my behavior when I have misbehaved or broken a rule.

I know Mrs. Lion doesn’t like punishing me, but I appreciate it when she does. It shows me that she cares enough to take responsibility for our dynamic and our relationship. It also strengthens the trust between us. When she follows through with punishment, it shows that she means what she says and that she can be relied upon to follow through.

So, while I don’t necessarily enjoy being spanked, I know it’s an important part of our dynamic and relationship. I will keep dropping hints until Mrs. Lion feels it’s appropriate to administer a spanking, and I will accept it with gratitude for her role in our dynamic.

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