Hand Me My Paddle

Lion wondered if I should have control of his boners again as a way to get us out of the slump we’ve been in. On one hand, I can see where he’s coming from. I used to decide when to try to edge him. On the other hand, trying had fewer consequences. I’d try, and he’d either be able or not. No harm, no foul. Now, I think it really depends on his willingness/need to have sex. If I tell him to inject boner juice when he really doesn’t feel like it, we’ve wasted money. Granted, for the past week or so, with him in control of when to inject, we haven’t had any luck getting him to orgasm, so one could argue we’ve been wasting money anyway. However, I think we’ll get there, and I don’t think the key is my being in control of his erections.

What I think needs to happen is more spanking. Lion has said this. I agree. The next step is to get me to do it. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out about getting things done around here. I keep thinking, “If I could just get X done, it’s easy from there.” The problem is that it’s not easy once X is done. There’s just another X behind it. And a whole row of Xs behind that one. Somehow, I need to figure out how to feel some sort of accomplishment when I finish X and move on to the next one. No, spanking Lion will not give me that sense of accomplishment.

Today, I was going to get my prescriptions and a few bags of topsoil from Home Depot to fill in the holes I created by moving the landlord’s lawnmower killing rocks. I also need to change the bed or poor Lion will scratch himself to death with allergies. It’s difficult to do both of those things with the time constraint of being after work and when Lion likes to eat dinner. There’s less of an urgency for the prescriptions and dirt, so I’ll do the dirt tomorrow. Lion will be happy for the clean sheets. He may not be so happy if I decide I have enough energy to spank him.

Well, you know Lion. He’ll be happy for a spanking before and after, just not during.

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