Can You Believe It? I Missed!

I am having problems with my Trimix injections. On Sunday, I set up a .3 ml dose and loaded my Inject-Ease with the syringe. I thought I hit the right area of my penis. There was no pain, bleeding, or bruise. However, there was also no erection, not even a trace of one. What the hell? I didn’t feel any effect at all.

locations on the penis to inject trimix

There are only a couple of reasons this could have happened. One is that the Trimix isn’t working. That’s probably not the case. The vial has been refrigerated since we got it. Also, two of the three ingredients are not sensitive to temperature. The second possibility is that I didn’t get the drug in the right place. The image (Right) shows the correct position for the needle. The drug has to get into the spongy erectile tissue. It seems hard to miss, but I did.

I don’t know exactly what happened. I didn’t hit a nerve or the urethra, so I probably just sent the drug under the skin on top of my penis. The problem I’m having with the Inject-Ease is that I’m finding it difficult to control the device at the same time I have it in the right position. I’ll try again today.  Since I had no reaction, I’m not counting Sunday as one of the three times-a-week limits for the drug.

My plan for tonight (Monday) is to inject without the Inject-Ease. I will also ask Mrs. Lion to help me make sure I’m in the right spot. For the record, the injections have all been painless. The needle is very thin, and the shaft of the penis has few nerve endings. I can understand why some men find this process too intimidating. I’m not crazy about it. I just want to get hard, and doing the injection is my only option. Wish me luck!