Cleaning and Fixing

Today is laundry day. It’s also clean out the strawberry garden day. For some reason, we have not been able to successfully grow strawberries. We get a few that are sweet, a few that are not sweet, and the rest just die. I’m thinking we should just abandon strawberries. Our tomatoes and lettuce are doing well. The pepper plant is still alive and producing not very good peppers. Strawberries elude us.

Since the strawberry patch is empty, I got the bright idea to clean it out. The manufacture has a schedule for cleaning. I think I’ve only ever cleaned out the lettuce patch. It wasn’t very dirty. However, if I was a strawberry plant, I don’t think I’d have done well in the strawberry patch either. Yuck! The water was brown like the food we feed them. There was what I’m assuming is algae floating in there. I’m not a botanist, so it may not be algae. Whatever it was, was gross. I’m letting the base soak while I write this. Once it’s clean, we’ll do round five or six of strawberries. If it doesn’t work this time, I think we should give up. Clearly, they don’t want to grow for us.

When the gardening is done, I’ll try to figure out why the weather station isn’t working. It was fine until I took it down to move it. I’m hoping it only needs new batteries. Somehow, I doubt it will be that simple.

Lion tried Trimix again last night, just before he took a shower. We figure that gives the boner juice some time to work its magic. Even though he used a cock ring, he still lost it when he laid on the bed. He stood up, got hard, tried a different cock ring, and got soft when he laid down. It’s discouraging. He was hard enough to suck the other day. This time I was prepared with clothespins to try to turn him on so sucking him would work all the way.

Tonight, we’ll try again. It’s difficult to tell how much Trimix is left. It’s definitely enough for another injection. It may even be enough for one after that. I’m very bad at estimating things. [Lion — We also have Quadmix. We can use that up when the Trimix runs out.]


  1. Sorry for you both, this sticking needles in sensitive places is all very well if you get the desired result. Bit annoying otherwise I guess!

    1. It’s better than not being able to get hard. I’m sorry to say that it is being so difficult. I’m considering whether I should bother to keep trying.

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