Domestic Discipline And Sex

If our list of blogs we like seems very short, it’s because of a sad trend in our little corner of the world. Many of our fellow bloggers have either stopped posting or have posted so infrequently that they have dropped off our list. A listing is removed once a post is more than a month old. It comes back if the blogger posts again. I’m not sure if this is due to a move to another way to publish or just lost interest.

It’s true that all of us are older. We’ve been publishing for almost ten years. As we age, our interests can change. Things that were new and exciting in 2014 are either routine or forgotten in 2023. I would have expected that people starting out in male chastity or domestic discipline would be inspired to write their own blogs. I’m not aware of that happening. Instead, oldtimers are dropping out with no replacements.

domestic discipline and spanking

This particular corner of the kink world seems to be suffering the most loss. Part of the problem may be due to the rather cliquish nature of online domestic discipline devotees. Blogs on the subject seem to be divided by boarding school fantasies and other fiction, and the occasional site that likes to talk about the naughty behavior that earn the writers spankings. There are also some nice sites that feature erotic spanking images and stories.

My big problem with this universe is the apparent wall between the sexual nature of adult spanking and the practice of domestic discipline. The men (and a few women) who write about their disciplinary spanking are offended when it is suggested that there is a sexual component. It’s as if punishment is invalidated if the recipient finds it arousing to think about. This is a fairly new attitude that a few blogs promote. Earlier sites embraced the idea that there is an erotic component to domestic discipline.

I can’t remember the URL of the site, but one guide to male spanking made a strong point that it is this erotic attraction that brings a big, strong man into position for punishment. The author, who said she was a woman, went on to say that the turn-on fast disappeared once the paddle started working. Her point was that it was good that the man found the idea of spanking to be arousing. She laughingly said that we men aren’t very smart since we know that the actual spanking is no fun at all.

She was right on target when it came to how I got into domestic discipline. The idea of being spanked is a turn-on to me. And yes, I’m not very bright; spanking is never fun or sexy. It hurts and keeps on hurting. It’s something I both want and hate. The writer hit the nail on the head. That erotic attraction is the bait that assures that I will keep coming back for more.

lion's spanked butt
My butt after a typical spanking.
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What the this-isn’t-sex-it’s-punishment crowd can’t admit is that down deep, it was probably this erotic thinking about being spanked that brought them to their wives for discipline. I know that’s how I’m wired. I also know that Mrs. Lion doesn’t spank me to turn me on. She spanks me to help me learn. And I do learn. No matter how much sexy fun it is to read about male disciplinary spanking, my reality is absolutely no fun at all. If you’ve read our blog for a while, you’ve seen pictures of my bottom (sample on the right) after a disciplinary spanking. Getting spanked to that point hurt like hell. It was supposed to. More importantly, Mrs. Lion’s punishments work. Ask her, and she’ll tell you.

The bottom line is that my sexual interest in spanking has absolutely no effect on the disciplinary value of Mrs. Lion’s authority. She doesn’t care if I get turned on thinking about spanking. She knows that when she punishes me, it hurts like hell, and I do my best to avoid a repeat performance. My “Just Because” spankings are a way to remind both of us about our disciplinary relationship. And yes, when I think about being spanked, turns me on. When I am spanked, I hate every second of it. In short, domestic discipline works. Period.

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