Mrs. Lion did a lot of farming on Sunday. The water needed changing on one of our “farms,” and our new Aerogarden farm arrived. I got strawberry roots for the new one. We have a Chinese 12-plant hydroponic garden that had strawberries in it. We overfed the plants, and they died. We decided to start over with a professional Aerogarden unit.

We love the Aerogarden Farm line. We have two of the 24XL units. Each one holds up to 24 plants and is about four feet tall to support larger plants. We have tomatoes in one of the units and lettuce and herbs in the other. We will be adding bell peppers to the lettuce farm. So far, we have enough lettuce for salad almost every night. How cool is that? No ripe tomatoes yet, but plenty of green ones.

I’ve been thinking about sex today. You won’t believe it, but regular sex–the kind I haven’t had since 2018. I don’t know why. Mrs. Lion has more than enough ways to keep me entertained. I’ve also been thinking about the new massage table. Mrs. Lion talked about it in her post yesterday, “That Was Easy.”

I agree that the odds are against using it regularly. We’ve beaten the odds before. When I look back at the changes we’ve made, I think learning to move sex to the massage table will be comparatively easy. We have to remind each other to use it. I’ll do my best.

Maybe one way to do it is to set it up after the dinner dishes are done. That might be enough to help us change. The table isn’t big enough for lion riding. Should Mrs. Lion decide we should try vaginal intercourse, she could lean over the table, and I could mount her. It might not work. I’ve had trouble staying hard in that position. It would be easier for her if I could learn to do it. It would also mean we could have anal sex. Mrs. Lion loves that. How about that? A woman who loves butt stuff. Extraordinary!

We may not do that. Let’s say it’s on the table. See what I did there? I’m looking forward to our new playground.

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