Farming And Milking

We are enjoying our new “farm.” Three weeks ago, our first small hydroponic garden came. It holds up to 12 plants. I bought some tomato seeds and planted four. About a week later, our Aerogarden Farm arrived. It has two tanks and lights and room for up to 24 plants. We planted more tomatoes, some lettuce, and herbs (the seeded pods came with the unit). Everything is coming up! We were so excited that we ordered another Aerogarden Farm. I bought strawberry roots and put them in the small unit (the one we got first). To our surprise, we have flowers on two of the five strawberry plants. The lettuce and tomato plants on the big farm are also growing nicely.

We plan to use one of the Aerogardens for tomatoes and the new one for lettuce and herbs. This might change if we find other food we can grow. We’re both excited about being able to grow some of our food. For one thing, the garden will remind us to make salads. I love them, but making them is easy to forget. For another, fresh, organic food we grow will taste better. See? We do more than male chastity and spanking.

male chastity update

On the sex front, Mrs. Lion has been giving me nice oral attention. It’s big fun for me. I’ve also managed to go 24 hours without earning a spanking. Good thing; my bottom feels like leather in spots. Do you think that my hide will get tougher if she keeps spanking me? I don’t want to find out.

It’s funny that it feels a little odd writing about male chastity. We’re in our ninth year of doing it. At this point, it wouldn’t occur to me to have any sort of sex without Mrs. Lion’s permission. Since I am not allowed to masturbate unless she orders me to do it, her hands and mouth are my only outlets (inlets?). I never expect an orgasm.

That’s why writing about it seems odd. Isn’t it the same for every man? It isn’t a struggle for me. I get horny like any guy. I don’t expect relief. I wait for Mrs. Lion to get me off. Even though I write about jerking off, I doubt I could make myself come that way. She’s my only source of release. I’m lucky that she enjoys getting me off. After all these years, I’m still turned on when I think about losing control of my sexual pleasure.

I don’t think it’s a big deal. The truth is that the process of being trained never to masturbate was fun. It was hot to be locked in a male chastity device and only get unlocked for teasing or orgasms. It was fun to feel the frustration of being caged. I suppose it would be fun now if Mrs. Lion decided to lock me up for a while. Other than being fun and spending over three years locked up, I was trained not to masturbate. Not only was I trained to keep my paws off, I was trained not to want to do it. No matter how horny I get, I never even think about jerking off. Never.


  1. Congratulations on your mini gardens. The beauty of them is that the growing season is always there. I hope you both enjoy the fruits of your labour.
    On the chastity front I’m somewhat like you. I just can’t contemplate masturbating anymore. My how times change… lol

    1. Author

      I would have never guessed that a reliable side effect of long-term male chastity would be the loss of ability to masturbate. A lot more wives would want men to do it if they knew. Maybe more men would approach it carefully.

      1. I could relearn but on my own it just seems wrong. Life and habits keep evolving.

        1. Author

          That’s the subtle and very insidious thing about male chastity. Maybe you could relearn, but you don’t want to. I feel the same way. Mrs. Lion won’t even let me try under her supervision.

          1. My Queen will have me do it sometimes. But seldom to completion. Somehow doing it for her makes it more exciting. In my own I have no interest. Crazy.

  2. II’m generally kept locked and my wife decides if, when and how I orgasm. The most humiliating episodes are when I’m ordered to strip, kneel before her and jerk off. She looks at her watch constantly, sighs with annoyance and scolds me to work faster. When I orgasm she might chuckle, comment or remark but mostly she just walks away, leaving me to clean up my mess, lock myself up, and give her the key. Those orgasm are a mixed bag because I enjoy the relief but the whole thing is humiliating and very mechanical. She treats it very much like a necessary evil. That makes me feel ashamed and definitely reduces my desire to masturbate but I won’t lie, I still have the urge sometimes.

  3. Mrs427 is coming around more and starting in question to why to my chastity and like we agree 6years ago my need to be and once ready from Thumper we have convections, like you Loin couple of weeks ago after finishing my period to lockup 31days in the gland guard Mrs. 427 made no undies and no chastity device supposed for a week but went 2 weeks and she took advance of her command of no undies and no chastity this very different for as i wear 24/7 in chastenment no touching but for her pleasure, the denial of not been chasten was the awkward thing.
    We are still both learning and know it takes time, for our family to have grown and moved out and family of their own so it our time now to explore. Plus, like thank you and Mrs. Loin for your publication and blogs over the years this has been advise and open new understandings for me even when self-chasten for the of cuckhold or FLR.

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