Have We Forgotten About Spanking?

We have some catching up to do. Ever since I started with the Trimix and Quadmix boner injections, spanking and our kinky sex have been put aside. I’m not sure why spanking got suspended. I know that I upset Mrs. Lion last week, and she said she was going to spank me. She didn’t. I’m not trying to remind her that she owes it to me. After all, it’s been a while, and I can’t remember what I did to get into trouble. My point is that both sex and discipline have been in limbo.

I understand the sex play being suspended. We’ve been dealing with an erection problem that doesn’t need complications until we’ve figured it out. Apparently, we have. I got a serviceable boner on Tuesday. It was insertion-ready and, with the help of a cock ring, stayed up even when I was on my back. Mrs. Lion couldn’t get me off. I suspect that I was too wrapped up in the seriously unnatural process of injecting Trimix into my penis. Now that we have the dosage right, maybe I will relax enough to ejaculate.

The spanking question is more difficult. Even though Mrs. Lion has been spanking me for many years, I don’t think that discipline is a normal part of her life. When something like my need for penile injections comes up, I think she forgets about spanking me.

That’s too bad because it further highlights the problem I’m trying to solve. Over the years, I’ve asked Mrs. Lion to put punishment ahead of other things. I asked her not to allow anything to deter her from promptly spanking me as needed. I never articulated why I thought this was so important to me. I’m starting to understand now.

I think of our disciplinary relationship as a sort of foundation. It provides solid footing for me when other things are not working well. It may seem silly, but I get a strong sense of security knowing that Mrs. Lion won’t be deterred from correcting my errors. I can’t articulate exactly why that’s true, but it is.

Mrs. Lion has made an indirect reference to this too. In a post last week, she mentioned that she hasn’t been spanking me, and alluded to the erectile dysfunction activities as the distraction that stopped her. I think that if she maintains the strict disciplinary role, the other stuff becomes less significant. It means that one very important connection continues unbroken. I need that. I think she does too.

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  1. Here’s hoping we get a good solid spanking soon. Missing those red butt pictures. As well, I don’t think we’ve seen a photo of that new fangled boner yet, have we?

    1. Author

      I expect there will be a red butt in my future. I’ll make sure to publish a picture. You can see my new boner here.

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