Unanswered Questions

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve put naked pictures behind links instead of publishing them directly in our posts. There’s no particular need to do this. My ISP doesn’t censor content. I thought it might make our posts more prude friendly. I realize that some of our readers may not want to see genitals or butts. On the other hand, it makes viewing more inconvenient. I did this yesterday with the picture of my drug-enhanced boner (link here).

It sometimes bothers me when other male bloggers post large images of their boners. It doesn’t make me turn away in disgust, but it isn’t what I am all that interested in seeing. On the other hand, I love seeing female genitals and bottoms. Julie, of strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com has published very beautiful nudes of herself. I’m not sure that our female readers are particularly interested in seeing nudes of me. Feedback will be appreciated.

I expected that, at the very least, Mrs. Lion would discuss my post from Friday with me. I figured that she would either spank me or talk about getting back into our disciplinary activities. She just told me that it was a good post. That’s generally all she says after reading what I write. In the somewhat-distant past, she would respond to my thoughts and suggestions in her posts. She rarely actually discussed them with me.

If I’m particularly interested in getting her reactions, I’ll ask her directly. More often than not, she’ll say that she hasn’t anything to say on the subject. She’s not being negative. Mrs. Lion and I don’t think about the same things. I don’t know what her current thoughts are about spanking me. I’m very sure she will be resuming at some point. I’ve been careful not to break my rules.

Another topic that I brought up in posts is when it’s too late to spank me. If I break a rule and Mrs. Lion forgets to spank me, should there be a statute of limitations on punishing me? I would love her thoughts on that too. It might be good to review our “punishment day” concept. I remind her every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. It’s been years since she’s actually saved punishments to execute on those days. Maybe we are past needing them.

One of the biggest differences between us is that I like to talk about things and get a clear understanding of what is expected or going to happen. Mrs. Lion seems uncomfortable when I try to talk about our disciplinary relationship. I don’t know where she stands on pretty much everything except what happens if I don’t set up the coffee pot or leave the shower door open. Oh yes, there’s a new rule. I have to remember to bring my used coffee cup back into the kitchen. Beyond that, I don’t know what she’s thinking. Maybe she’ll let us all know.

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  1. I have no issue with the way that you are dealing with nudes but I wouldn’t mind either way! Behind a link does allow people to choose. I clicked!

    1. Author

      My concern with links is based on my experience in commercial web work. Each click costs visitors. You’d be surprised how many people just won’t click on a link. It isn’t worry about dangerous malware; it’s just that people don’t like to click. I’m a bit more comfortable putting penis pictures behind links. Maybe I’ll put a thumbnail of the image that people can click. That way it won’t be too obtrusive, but still there.

  2. Thank you for the compliment!

    That hard-on looks very serviceable! Very fine cock.

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