More About ED And A Punishment Spanking On Saturday Night

There are two things on my mind today.  I’m very interested in continuing our discussion of ED. Apparently, there isn’t much personal reporting on the subject.  The second is my spanking on Saturday. OK, first, the ED. We got a comment from Mark:

“Regarding the injection quantity, you are a better person than me… I’d be sticking in a much greater increase each time until I got the desired outcome and then trying to figure out where the correct dose was.”

I know where he is coming from. I’m impatient for the results Trimix promises.  In my research, I’ve found that almost all of the medical advice on correct dosing says to increase by .05 ml until the desired erection is attained. My urologist is against this and says that an increase of .02 to .03 ml each time. I did some further research, including a conversation with the urologist when she gave me this program. Her response was a little wishy-washy. She said that men in their 30s and 40s are at a fairly high risk of priapism (erections lasting four hours or more) from the drug. Older men almost never have this issue. Since I’m over fifty, I interpreted that to mean it was safe to increase the dosage by a larger increment. Beginning today (Monday), I’ll go from .15 to .20 ml. I admit that I’m very impatient for a result.

From my readings, apparently, a large number of men give up this therapy because they don’t get results soon enough. A few ED clinics start with a much higher dose (.20 or more) and administer it in the office. If the erection lasts more than three hours, they inject an antidote which will usually work. If that fails, they have to drain the blood from the penis. It’s not a lot of fun. Clinics that have the men administer the drug at home can’t risk that sort of reaction, so they have to advise starting with a much smaller dose. In my case, it was .1 ml, and they advised the very gradual increases. I’m feeling impatient, and I understand why so many men quit before they can get good results. I’ll let you know what happens after the next dose later today.

my first spanking in more than a month

As promised, before we left for the casino on Saturday night, Mrs. Lion spanked me. She had planned a “Just Because” spanking, but it was preempted by a punishment. I forgot to set up the coffeepot on Friday. She seemed to be in a good mood once I was riding the spanking bench. She didn’t strap me down. She quietly talked to herself, “Let’s see, which paddle should I use.” It seemed to me that she was approaching my spanking as a sort of fun activity.

That pleasure didn’t extend to me. She hit hard and fast. I was yelping in no time. She commented that I was exceptionally “rosey.” After less than ten minutes, she stopped and went into the bathroom and got some tissues. She said that I was bleeding and cleaned up the blood and applied a healing ointment. She told me to get up and said this spanking only lasted five minutes. I guess I spoiled her fun. She commented that I was red and leathery. I took her word for it.

Later, when I asked her if she was having fun while she spanked me, she said that she wasn’t sure. Odd. It sounded like she enjoyed herself. There is no requirement that she have a good time when she punishes me. She generally treats it as a chore she doesn’t mind doing. If she begins to like it, I think she will be more likely to be more observant of my behavior. We’ll see.


  1. I’ve been using Trimix for several years now. Viagra and Chili’s just weren’t doing the trick or lasting long enough (I’m 68). The urologist started me at .1ml and I’m now finding that .25 is good for about 1.5 hours. The downside is that it breaks the mood to have to go administer a dose once I’ve actually gotten my low libido wife in the mood.

    1. Author

      I’m glad it works for you. Once I’m certain of my dose (.20 right now), I’ll preload syringes. That will reduce interruptions to the fun.

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