Weenie Juice, Take Four

We were testing out a new wax yesterday. It has a lower melting point, which should be more comfortable for Lion. With a lower melting point, I only had the melter at 130 degrees. I set the old wax to 185 to melt and then decrease to 167 so I don’t burn Lion. The bag of the new wax only said to melt to a creamy consistency. Okay. sure. After a little more than four hours, it still had not melted all the way. At 5 pm, I turned it off.

I wasn’t really feeling up to waxing him anyway, but it should have been ready by 5 pm. Aside from setting the temperature too low, my other mistake was not melting the regular wax too. If I had, I would have had a backup. Apparently, in addition to being physically out of it, I was mentally out of it as well. I did manage to take care of the gardens though. Well, I watered them and fed the two that needed to be fed. I don’t know that I could have managed draining them and refilling.

My shoulder still hurts a bit. There are definitely positions it does not want to be in. Yesterday it was most positions. Today I just have to remember not to reach up. It’s an old, undiagnosed injury. I don’t want to have an MRI and I certainly don’t want to have surgery. I can live with the flareups.

After his shower, Lion will inject more boner juice. If today’s dose doesn’t work, I suggest we wait till Wednesday. I know he’s anxious to get to the correct dosage, but I worry about rushing it. I also wonder if being anxious has detrimental effects. Bodies are strange things. Thinking about having an erection, even with boner juice, might be a problem. Obviously, there’s no way to avoid it. He can’t magically stop thinking about having a boner when he’s just stabbed his penis.

By the way, who came up with the idea to inject anything into a weenie? If I was a penis and someone stabbed me, I’d say, “Go to hell. There’s no way I’m getting hard now!”

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