My ED doctor has prescribed a different drug for me to inject, Quadmix. This new drug includes the same three that are in Trimix, but adds one more, Atropine. The new drug relaxes the long muscles in the penis–who knew they were there? This mix is considered the most potent boner maker. I’m sure that the blend I’m getting is one of the weaker mixes. Hopefully, it will work. My first dose is supposed to be .30 ml.

I’m going to try it tonight after my shower. I’m writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. I have an unrelated doctor’s appointment at three. We’ll pick up the Quadmix after that. When we get home, I’ll shower and try the new drug. Maybe it will do its magic, and a nice, firm, long-lasting boner will result. I’m hoping for an insertion-grade erection that lasts at least an hour. Stay tuned for results.

I suppose that needing a drug like this is a very strong form of male chastity. I can’t masturbate or do anything else sexual without getting my injection of boner juice. Control my supply of the drug, and you control my ability to have sex, no hardware needed. While it isn’t a formal rule, I always ask permission to get an injection of the medication. Mrs. Lion has full control of my sexual abilities. We haven’t discussed this as part of her power to control sex. It isn’t necessary. She’s controlled that for the last ten years.

The fact that her sexual control is deeply embedded in our relationship makes it more difficult to write about male chastity. It isn’t a novelty for us. I haven’t masturbated in ten years. We couldn’t stop if we wanted to. She is in charge, and that’s that. It isn’t a fantasy for us. It doesn’t even feel sexy to me. It’s just the way we live. I wish it did feel newer and sexier. It’s a little unfair that the novelty has worn off. I still like it and I’m glad we started all those years ago.

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