Spanking, Real Food and Quadmix

Lion is, again, laying in the supplies for the new antenna. Obviously, it would have been better to have done it right the first time, but live and learn. We rarely do anything right the first time. Look how long it took us to figure out punishment spankings. And some people think we’re still doing it wrong.

Speaking of punishment, it’s been a long time since I’ve swatted Lion’s butt. It’s not that he hasn’t done anything wrong. I’m sure he has. I just haven’t enforced the rules. I’ve been stressed lately between work and needing to do everything around here. If I weren’t so stressed, it might not be such a big deal to do Lion’s ham radio license. I just feel like I have a finite amount of things I can care about, and that’s not one of them.

On the plus side, Lion got his haircut, I vacuumed, all but one load of laundry made it out of the dryer and got folded, and I grilled some brats for a holiday cheat dinner. Today, I’m achy and I think the potato chips and possibly the bread are to blame. But it was nice to have “real” food.

In a few minutes, we’re heading out for a doctor’s appointment for Lion, and then we’re off to get another vial of boner juice. It’s new and improved boner juice. It’s Quadmix, which, if you can decipher Latin, means there are four drugs instead of three. We’ll give it a try when we get home. My fingers are crossed that Mr. Weenie will remain at attention long enough to have some fun. I think Lion is due for another orgasm.