Not Tonight, Dear

Sex has been on hold for the last two weeks. Mrs. Lion has been having trouble sleeping and has been too tired to deal with me. Well, I haven’t been sleeping well either, so my interest in sex hasn’t been all that strong–until yesterday. I don’t know what happened, but I got horny as hell. The feelings persist today (Friday). I hope relief is in sight.

I am a little distracted by a new keyboard I bought. It has larger keys than the standard models. I ordered it after my scary loss of sensation in my right hand. It is noisy and sounds like the airline reservation keyboards in the movies. Kind of fun. The keys are much bigger, and it will take me time to learn how to use it. Right now, I may put it aside until I actually need it.

I’m hoping that Mrs. Lion will be rested enough for some sexual fun later today. I’m pretty sure that if she is, I’ll end up being teased. She rarely lets me ejaculate the first time she goes after me. Of course, she is unpredictable, and I never know how far she will go. She’s very good at pushing me just to the edge and stopping. She smiles and says, “Not tonight.” Grrr. I’m left with my weenie flapping in the breeze.

I also never know what preliminary torture I have to endure before we get to the main event. If she’s tired, she’ll skip straight to jerking me off. Otherwise, I can find myself with my balls covered with clothespins or worse. If she’s tired, it will be another, “Not tonight, dear.” Ugh.