I was surprised when I realized we missed posting at all yesterday. We usually pay more attention and at least one of us will write something. It was a strange weekend. Lion has been ordering supplies to get our car charging station set up. He placed an order that has to be picked up from Home Depot. Saturday he was down with stomach issues. Sunday wasn’t any better. He wants to ride in the new car, but he hasn’t felt well enough. He’s got an appointment tomorrow, so he’ll get another chance.

The car hasn’t moved since I turned it around so Lion could set up the infotainment system. See how much money we’re saving by having a plug-in hybrid? We haven’t used any gas since last Monday. Of course, since I work from home and we get most things delivered, chances are we wouldn’t have used any gas with the old car either.

Between being tired last week and Lion’s stomach issues, we haven’t done more than snuggle. Right now, I don’t know if Lion is up to it yet. We’re in a holding pattern. He was just snoozing while watching TV before lunch. At some point, we have to be awake and feeling okay at the same time. In the meantime, we’ll keep snuggling and holding hands to be close to each other.

Right now, I have a sinus headache. I can down some Tylenol and be fine in a little while. Lion’s issues are a little more concerning. Neither of us wants a repeat of a few weeks ago when he was dehydrated and had “the incident”. Tests have ruled out stroke and other things. We’re assuming it was dehydration from his stomach issues, then.

I hope we can get things back on track before too long.

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