One night in December 2013, after we finished dinner and were in the bedroom watching TV, I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into a male chastity device. We had a long conversation about what that meant. I told her that one reason a male chastity device was important was that it prevented me from masturbating. “You masturbate?” she asked.

“Yes, two or three times a week,” I answered.

“I didn’t know you masturbated.”

“Well, I do.”

She sat quietly for a few seconds. “Here’s your first rule, you can’t masturbate.”

I pointed out that the male chastity device prevented me from breaking that rule. She liked that. Then she told me to masturbate while she watched. She said that she wanted to see how I did it to learn what I liked. I jerked off for her. That December night in 2013 was the last time I masturbated.

I’ve written about this several times. This isn’t a rehash. For no good reason, I thought back to past relationships. Well, there is a good reason. I joined to build a family tree. Not counting Mrs. Lion, three of the four women I’ve had long-term relationships with are dead. I was thinking back to my time with them.

Two liked watching me jerk off. One would tickle my balls while I did it. The other would ask me to do it and just watch. I never considered that odd. The ball-tickler used it as a way to avoid more active sex when she wasn’t in the mood. The other just liked seeing me do it. Both included handjobs as a regular part of my sex life. Once in a while they wanted a show.

I never felt interested in watching my partner masturbate. I’m not sure any of them ever did. I masturbated them, and they liked it (including Mrs. Lion), but no do-it-herself activities.

Over the years, when I bottomed at parties or BDSM clubs, the scene almost always ended with my top giving me a handjob. Yes, I was jerked off in public in full view of many other people of both sexes. It was both exciting and humiliating to ejaculate in full view. My partners did this without me asking. It was fun for them. I suppose that making a man ejaculate in a room full of people is a true act of power. None ever wanted me to do it myself. Of course, I couldn’t. I was tied down, but still…

In fact, the community generally frowned on men jerking off in these venues. There was a good reason. Creepy guys would pay to get into these events and then play with themselves while watching a BDSM scene. We called them weenie wackers and had them ejected from the party. There was no prohibition of men being “made” to jerk off as part of a scene, but I was never made to do it. I get it. There is something profoundly powerful when a woman takes over a man’s sexual activity. At a party, where most people, including the top, are fully dressed, being masturbated in that setting sends a clear message of dominance.

Mrs. Lion likes to make me ejaculate. I’m grateful for that. Apparently, she’s never been fond of my doing it myself. She only asked me once.

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