We have been blogging for almost nine years. If you haven’t been with us the entire time, this might be a good chance to catch you up. Mrs. Lion and I have been together for almost 19 years. We were both married before. She has three grown children, and I have two. We are both from New York. I am from New York City, and she is from Upstate; city and country lions. We moved to the Seattle area about 15 years ago when I was offered a good job by a company here.

We have been kinky almost the entire time we’ve known one another. Mrs. Lion started spanking me (play, not discipline) within the first month we dated. Those early spankings were so light I could barely feel them. She started CBT early too. She has a real talent for tying and separating my balls. She also used clothespins quite a bit.

In the late fall of 2013, I discovered cheap Chinese male chastity devices. Years before meeting Mrs. Lion, I reviewed kinky toys and tried quite a few custom male chastity devices. At that time, I was a top and lived with a 24/7 bottom. Wearing a chastity device for more than a few days didn’t fit our lifestyle. Also, those early chastity devices were not very comfortable.

Anyway, I was surfing Amazon and searched for “chastity.” To my surprise, a large number of devices were displayed. They were all inexpensive. I got excited. I ordered three. I didn’t have a plan to be locked up. I just wanted to try them. OK, the idea turned me on.

One of the devices from Amazon seemed to fit comfortably. I went to Mrs.Lion and explained my concept of male chastity to her. She agreed to lock me up. I told her that she had control of any sex I might have. I described the typical male chastity fantasies about being made to wait. She disregarded my narrative. Instead, she decided to make me ejaculate every day. When I expressed surprise at this, she told me she was in charge of when I could ejaculate. If she wanted every day, then I would squirt every day.

I couldn’t argue with her logic. She was in control. My body wasn’t in agreement with this policy. I couldn’t sustain that much jerking off. She relented and went to the more typical orgasm control schedule for me. She agreed to unlock and tease me at least every other day. She decided when I could come.

That first night in December 2013, Mrs. Lion made her first rule for me. It started when she asked me to masturbate while she watched. Her goal was to learn the best way to jerk me off. I did it and told her that I masturbated a couple of times a week. She was genuinely upset. She had no idea I was doing that behind her back. She told me that I could never jerk off again. Never? Yes, never.

Since I was being locked in a male chastity device, any question of jerking off was academic. Mrs. Lion is a laid-back lioness. Consistency has never been one of her strengths. When it came to forbidding me to jerk off, she was a rock. I spent the next three years locked full time. The device only came off to give her access or for cleaning. I didn’t have a chance to jerk off.

I tore my rotator cuff when I fell on a business trip. It required surgery. The device came off for about three months while I recuperated. By that time, I was conditioned not to masturbate. I didn’t even try. Male chastity worked. Chastity device or not, Mrs. Lion owned my sex life. That is true to this day. I haven’t jerked off since that night in 2013.

chastity devices

The male chastity devices I bought on Amazon didn’t fit perfectly. I had problems with pinching and irritation around the base ring. The cages were too long, and peeing became an unpleasant adventure. I discovered dhgate.com, a website that offers an amazing array of male chastity devices (just search for “male chastity”). The prices were much lower than Amazon’s for the same products.

I tried a few more devices from that site. We had the same problems with them. I discovered Mature Metal. This is a two-person company that makes custom male chastity devices. Their Jail Bird model got rave reviews on various web site. Mrs. Lion and I talked about ordering one. It would cost about $400. She wasn’t certain I would want to wear a device long enough to justify the expense. I said that I would. She agreed.

The Jail Bird was very comfortable. The cage was too long. The head of my penis almost never touched the bars at the end. Mature Metal offers adjustments at reasonable prices. Over time we had the cage shortened twice. The current version has a one-inch cage and is a perfect fit.

We also tried other devices. Do a site search (top of the right column) for “reviews” to read about them. Several worked quite well. I wore an Evotion Orion for quite a while. This is a beautifully finished, 3D-printed chastity device. It was the only printed device that wasn’t abrasive on my tender skin. I stopped wearing it because I kept developing a sore under the head of my penis after about a week of wear. I was unable to figure out how to fix it. You’ll find several posts about this device if you search for it.

from love taps to a tomato bottom

Almost from the time I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up, I also asked her to make and enforce rules. She agreed to try. She is a very creative lioness. She made rules that I was sure to break often. That way, we would get “practice” with spanking. She loves to experiment.

Her plan worked. I ended up being spanked several times a week. She often forgot to punish me when she caught me breaking a rule. So we created “punishment days.” Monday, Thursday, and later Saturday were designated punishment days. I had a rule to remind her on each of those days. That way, she would be less likely to forget to spank me. To this day, I get punished if I don’t remind her every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Over time, she became bolder about paddling me. She stopped feeling bad about hurting me and treated spanking like a job. She doesn’t enjoy spanking me but doesn’t mind doing it. She prides herself on making my bottom red and sore enough to hurt for days afterward.

Once the spankings really hurt, I stopped breaking my rules. It wasn’t intentional. The paddling flipped a switch in my brain that helped me remember to obey. That’s almost true. After a week or two, I would forget a rule and earn a spanking. This recharged my obedience battery for a few weeks.

I forget less and less. That’s good news in terms of domestic discipline but bad news for us. If I’m not spanked regularly, Mrs. Lion starts to forget to spot my infractions, and I get sexually frustrated and less responsive. We tried adding play spankings to fill in when I didn’t earn punishment. That didn’t work very well.

The solution was to add “just because” spankings. If I don’t earn a punishment for a week or two, Mrs. Lion spanks me “just because.” It’s a full ten-minute disciplinary spanking. The rationale is that I must have done something she didn’t spot. The reality is that it recharges my sexual batteries and Mrs. Lion’s hunting instinct. We have a counter on the right column that shows how long it’s been since my last spanking. When the number starts going into double digits, the paddles come out.

Now you are all caught up on our lives. If you want to read more, there are over 5,500 posts on this site that you can read. Have fun!

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