Our Nutrisystem order is stuck in Troutdale, OR because of the weather. One big problem with living in western Washington is that they don’t do adverse weather well. Before we moved from New York, I had a boss who had lived here. He told me it never snows and it never gets above 80 degrees. As we were leaving New York, this area flooded so bad people were advertising houses as “lakefront” property. A year or so after we moved, it hit 100 degrees. A year or so after that, we got snow that crippled the area. Sure, Michael. No snow, no heat, no memory.

I guess we won’t be starting our diet tomorrow. That gives us another day of trying to figure out what’s for lunch and dinner. Breakfast isn’t so bad. We have lots of choices for that. Dinner is the problem. Lion says the problem is that I don’t know how to cook many things. I can certainly follow recipes. Who’s been cooking for the past few years? If he was starving, he wouldn’t need to go on a diet. Any time I’ve asked for suggestions of new things to cook, he doesn’t respond. That’s why I set out on a meal plan search.

Lion suggested he be punished if he doesn’t lose weight. I’m not sure about that. Isn’t it somewhat easy to lose the first five or ten pounds and then you can plateau? He may follow the diet to the letter of the law and still not lose weight. Should he be punished? I think it would be more appropriate to punish him if he cheats. I’m assuming there will be days we just want to cheat. Let’s call those sanctioned cheats. We’ll both agree to take a break from the diet for a specified length of time. For example, we might eat out one night, or decide to have birthday cake for dessert, or that Super Bowl Sunday is cheat day. He won’t be punished for that. But if he decides to sneak a candy bar and he gets caught, he should be punished. I guess the operative phrase is “gets caught”.

Unless more diet-related rules pop up, that should be his only punishment for dieting. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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