I received a suggestion from someone who will remain nameless, but his name starts with L and ends with n. We both need to lose weight and he suggested I should punish him if his weight does not go down. I’m not sure what the parameters will be. It’s difficult to say he needs to lose 5 pounds a week, for example. At some point, there will be a plateau. There always is. I don’t know if he’ll get swats if he eats a cookie. That seems ridiculous. You need to have built-in cheats in any diet. If I’m faced with never having chocolate again, ever, that diet will fail before it begins.

We have a lot to work out, but we need to, need to lose weight. I’ve lost somewhere around 15-20 pounds in the past few months. It’s difficult to pinpoint because it depends on whose scale you go by and what time of day you measure. Lion has been gaining weight after losing for several months. Health issues for both of us demand that we lose weight.

When Lion first suggested that I could help him lose weight, I thought he meant that since we both need to lose it, we could do the buddy system. It wouldn’t just be him eating rabbit food and me eating steak and potatoes. We’ll both be eating rabbit food. And we can each make sure the other sticks to eating rabbit food.

Then he explained the part about punishing him if he doesn’t lose weight. As I said, there are some parameters that need to be worked out. For example, since you can plateau, maybe he doesn’t get punished the first week this happens. Maybe the punishment happens at the 2 or 3 week mark of not losing weight. I know he doesn’t like grace periods, but it’s pretty hard to lose weight every week. We’ll both slip up. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how little junk you eat or how much you exercise, the weight will stubbornly hang on.

Now we’re really getting into some serious rules here. Maybe we’re moving away from the silly spilling food on his shirt rule (that remains in effect), to something that will change his behavior. That’s progress!


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    You can certainly help Lion with losing weight using various creative punishments. First You need to set realistic goals for Him like 1-2# a week. If He fails to meet His weekly goal an appropriate punishment follows. I agree a plateau is likely along the way where You can encourage Him to start losing again with lighter punishments first them more severe punishments if He can’t start losing again.

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    Hi, first off love your blog and posts! My wife manages my weight not by how many pounds I lose but by what I eat and how many calories I burn working out. There are plenty of apps that you can track both. I use MyFitnessPal, it works well so she can see my progress. If I don’t meet the daily goals I am punished either by spanking or loss of privelages. If I meet the 5 week goal I am rewarded. It’s much easier and a healthier way to lose weight.

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    Try a Paleo diet. Easy to do and it works. Don’t have to count calories either.

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