By the time we get around to anything sexual, I’ve been either too tired or suffering from indigestion. Even though Mrs. Lion and I have been together for twenty years, we still have very different tastes in food. For example, she loves spicy foods, and I don’t. I love fish and green veggies; she doesn’t. We have very different backgrounds. Generally, we compromise on something that neither of us loves. Sometimes we have dinner that one of us likes and the other tolerates. Those nights can sometimes bring indigestion to one of us.

Now that Mrs. Lion is working, she doesn’t have a lot of free time. Chores have to be done after work. That pushes time for me later and later. To make it harder, she gets tired from working and caring for our home. That’s why nothing BDSM, spanking, or sexual has happened in the last week. Every day we resolve to do something. Every night it’s either too late, or one or the other of us doesn’t feel good. I know that Mrs. Lion will keep trying. She’s wonderful that way.

I’m convinced that our loss of intimacy is partly due to our bed. We traded our king-of-beasts-sized bed for what is called a dual-king when I needed shoulder surgery. The new bed is really two separate single beds that are bolted together. We got it because each side can be adjusted separately. I could keep my side raised while Mrs. Lion’s side was flat. There is a gap between the two beds. It’s a real project to snuggle. I’m seriously considering reverting if we can afford it. It gets lonely on my single bed.

We have to overcome our sexual inertia. We’ve done it before and I know we will do it now.

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