Spare The Paddle, Spoil The Lion

I think my writer’s block may be fading. My unconscious has been percolating ideas for a couple of weeks, and one managed to bubble to the top. It feels good to begin making progress. Other areas of our lives have been stalled. Mrs. Lion has been extremely busy with work and dealing with our power outage. Food for our diets has begun to arrive. The frozen items are due today. We plan to begin on Friday morning.

Mrs. Lion expects to be grumpy once we start our diets. My experience with Nutrisystem is that I don’t get around to eating/drinking everything I’m supposed to. She threatens to make more rules and enforce them. That’s fine with me. Big talk. The first time I end up needing a spanking, my bravado will disappear. One rule I expect is that I will have to lose weight each week.

I seem to be doing well remembering my chores. The last time I forgot one was in the beginning of October. I got punished on December 2nd for interrupting. My chore performance has been perfect for over three months. This is both good news and bad news. Without practice, Mrs. Lion’s behavior observational awareness drops.

The fact that I consistently remember my chores shows how effective domestic discipline is for me. I can’t explain what switches get thrown in my head, but consistent spanking for disobeying a rule is amazingly educational for me. It works well. I hope that Mrs. Lion will find a way to discipline me consistently for annoying her. I can see her blaming her diet for making her grumpy with me when it is because I’ve failed to be considerate enough. Spare the paddle, spoil the lion.

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