How Hard Can It Be?

We got the first shipment of Nutrisystem food today. I had it backward. The frozen stuff is coming tomorrow. I haven’t checked it against the packing slip, but I did notice that the muffins are pretty small. On one hand, it makes sense they’d be small. We are trying to lose weight, after all. On the other hand, given the possibility that they’ll taste bad (in my experience, low-calorie tends to be either low flavor or chemical flavor), we may be happy they’re small. I can’t remember if the meals were good or bad the last time we tried it. In any case, we’re locked in for at least six weeks. The good news is, I’m signed up for a few weight loss/better health programs at work. I should be able to knock those out without any problems.

I took Lion’s phone in for repair last night. He couldn’t get it to charge with a lightning cable. The geek at the Geek Squad said sometimes the connection gets dirty. He blew it out with compressed air, and that did the trick. I’m glad it was a simple, no-cost fix, but I’m annoyed we didn’t think to try it. After he said it, it seemed so obvious. Duh!

We’re supposed to get a lot of rain the next few days. The wind also picked up a little while ago, but then it stopped. Either one of those can cause problems. I don’t really feel like dragging the damn generator out again. I guess I could look at it as one way to get in some exercise. However, it also adds to my stress level.

Think happy thoughts.

I sailed right past Home Depot last night on my way to Best Buy. I did not buy any Velcro. I know. Lion will be so disappointed. Darn. I know there’s some around here. I shouldn’t have to buy more. He’ll just have to be patient until I find it. When he goes in for his shower, I’ll set up the massage table and look for the Velcro again.

We haven’t figured out how to implement our huggy/kissy time yet. I don’t think it should be tied to regular playtime. It seems wrong to make him wait for play or orgasms just because we can’t figure it out. If I were cruel, I would. I mean, what better way to “force” him into initiating than to have it tied to his orgasm? No. We’ll deal with it separately. ‘How hard can it be?” she asks, knowing it’s proved near impossible for a long time.

New year. New diet. New solutions.