As promised, I gave Lion his swats for making me feel bad. I selected the thick rubber paddle from behind the door. (Silly Lion put a paddle away the other day and said I don’t have very many paddles back there. That can be fixed.) It’s a fairly heavy paddle so it required less effort on my part. Right off the bat, Lion was sorry he bought that paddle. His buns were red immediately. I’m sure Lion would disagree, but I didn’t give him very many swats. I thought I proved my point and that’s all I’m really going for when I punish him.

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I waited a little while and then I got some Velcro out of my bag of tricks. He hates the Velcro. Too bad. I snuggled in and started fondling my weenie. Lion told me he always tries to refer to it as my weenie. He’s a good boy. I catch him from time to time, but I know he tries. When my weenie was showing substantial growth I sat up and continued to massage my balls and weenie. Then I pulled out the Velcro. Lion made a face. He’d do almost anything to avoid it. However, when given the choice between Velcro and the tiny clothespins, he gladly accepts the Velcro.

Sometimes I wrap my weenie in Velcro before he gets hard. That way it digs in as he gets more excited. It acts as a cock ring. The only difference is that it has nasty little teeth and when I release it, all the blood goes rushing into my weenie. From Lion’s reaction, this is very painful.

Last night, my weenie was well on his way to hard so the Velcro was just a little tight. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t painful. Especially when I put pressure on it. And releasing it didn’t have quite the same effect, but it still hurt. All Lion’s assurances that he’s not a masochist go right down the drain when he stays hard during Velcro. And hard he stayed. Right through three or four edgings after I removed the Velcro.

An hour or so later, Lion said he may not be broken. He was still horny. And he fell asleep saying, “Buh, buh, buh. Poor horny Lion.”